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Dave and Lisa have been conducting a secret office affair for the past several months

A darkness has fallen over the land.

Brian found some unexplained failures in LAM testing yesterday. These failures occurred on multiple platforms in different places. The failures were that test programs just "hung" for apparently no reason.

This is not good!

We're tracking this down, but it will take some time. :-(

Some quickies:

  • I'm dissertating on my IMPI chapter. It's basically the MPIDC paper, but I've added a bunch more sections and topics, and so far I've added one more figure (might possibly add more; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words). Even with just this one chapter, my dissertation is up to 41 pages. Woof! This has actually been the majority of my time recently.

  • Thank goodness for comments in code! Writing about IMPI (i.e., something that happened over 24 hours ago) has been difficult because I have to refresh myself with exactly how all this stuff works. Thank goodness I put in [sometimes lengthy] comments in all the IMPI code so that I can have a hope of remembering what I was thinking when I wrote that code.

  • My church (Epiphany) had their DSL router installed yesterday. I'm going to stop by on Thursday and see if I can get them up and running.

  • House stuff seems to be progressing well. T-6 days.

  • We finally decided that we goofed on the Cisco proposal yesterday. Lummy and I were wandering through a bewildering array of Cisco equipment, trying to decide what we should ask for, and finally realized that we had no clue -- we should have involved a Cisco sales rep long before this point. Since yesterday was the deadline for proposals, we decided to punt and do a propsal later, from IU.

Back to dissertating...

queeg has been up for 72 days without rebooting.

There are 926 xmms instanaces running on queeg out of 1005 processes total -- 92%. I predict an xmms crash in the not-too-distant future.

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