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We have IPv6 telephones

Whew! What a week.

Tracy and I got caught in the snowstorm out east last week. It took over 3 hours to drive from Philadelphia to Baltimore (and we used the non-congested roads) -- a drive that normally takes 1 hour 45 minutes. Top speed in Alan's range rover was about 40mph. Woof!

And how about Southwest airlines -- $55/each for Tracy and I to fly to Baltimore from Louisville for a grand total of $220 (round trip). That was literally an order of magnitude cheaper than all the other airlines.

More house stuff is going on. We close in T-7 days if all goes well. The building is working feverishly to finish the house by next Monday. Tracy and I went to the house again this weekend and took a bunch more pictures -- have a look if you care:


Things are looking really good; they've painted the house and added all kinds of things. Kitchen cabinets go in tomorrow. Carpet and kitchen floor go in on Wednesday or Thursday.

I've got a bunch of details to work out this week, including life insurance, an updated will, getting a certified check for the closing costs, details with the builder, etc., etc. Will be busy, and it does detract from the time that I spend dissertating, but it will be worth it.

Network Solutions is the root of all evil.

I got a really stupid and poor-english speaking tech help person on Saturday morning when I called to ask why www.lam-mpi.org still didn't resolve in DNS. Suffice it to say that an extremely frustrating 30 minute conversation ensued. After several hours of cooling down, I figured that what that guy had told me couldn't possibly be correct (i.e., I had to wait to ensure that it was a factual response, not an emotional response), so I called again.

I sat on hold for about an hour (apparently the weekend staff is pretty small!) before I got someone. This guy was actually very intelligent and generally knew a lot more about his job than the first guy. We finally figured out the problems and he set some things up to make everything work nicely. lam-mpi.org is now propagating around the world and will soon come to a DNS server near you.

There still seems to be some kind of hitch between ns1.lam-mpi.org and ns1.squyres.com -- the DNS on squyres.com can't seem to do a zone transfer from the main DNS server. I think it might have something to do with Curt's firewall setup.

Chatted with Brian and Arun this weekend about the upcoming release and general LAM Things; we're really, really close. The last few beta tarballs have all been caused by AIX. AIX sucks.

Word to the wise: AIX's "make" is broken. Use GNU make instead. Unbelievable...

Much overhauling had to be done to LAM's web pages to get them to appear nicely on www.lam-mpi.org. In the end, we decided to start a whole new CVS module for these pages (which actually makes a lot of sense). Some of the directory structure has changed, and a whole lot of broken assumptions that version 6.3.something would be the most current version. All the tutorials and the MPI implementation list database are now part of www.lam-mpi.org. 6.5 is the default version of LAM/MPI. Oodles of fixes and changes to the web site.

I'm using checkbot to check that all the links and whatnot in the web site are correct. It's a handy little tool. It takes an hour or so to run, so it conveniently leaves me to do other things, and mails me when it's done. It dumps its output into HTML so it's convenient to view in a browser.

I found checkbot on freshmeat.

Ogg/Vorbis announced early this morning that they released beta4.

Woo hoo! I guess that since I have CVS write access to Ogg/Vorbis, I'm officially an author as well. Or am I? Either way, I'll take credit when things go Right, and disavow myself if/when things go wrong. ;-)

Interestingly enough, they changed their license from LGPL to BSD because too many .com'ers were afraid of the GPL. This is actually exactly my stance on the GPL for LAM/MPI. We're in discussions right now as to what to change our license to (right now we have a proprietary ND license, but it says you can do anything you want with the code -- it's more or less the BSD/Artistic license, but ND lawyers wrote it). So someday we'll change the LAM/MPI license, and probably to a stock license so that people understand it easily, but probably not until we go to IU.

I got my master/slave tree-based booter running yesterday.

Very cool. When it's done, it dumps the final tree that it used into GraphViz format so that you can view it as a jpg or postscript or whatever. The tree that is uses changes every time I boot on the helios cluster -- new downed nodes, and/or timing between when one slave steals work from another forces changes in the overall tree structure. It's very cool.

I need to drop in the final bits to make it do a complete lamboot and launch a lamd after the tree is made. This won't be too hard. But I'll probably work on the IMPI chapter of my dissertation first:

  1. I'm in a writing mood; I spent all yesterday afternoon doing web page content
  2. I printed it out while I was in Philadelphia and marked it up with a bunch of changes. I think I can get it in dissertation shape if I spent about a day on it

So off to dissertating I go!

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