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And my special "spooky" version of the Hokey Pokey

Been doing housework and dissertation work.

Had another DSL outage for several hours again today. Foo. Turned out that power cycling the DSL modem fixed my woes. Arrgh!

Saw a great quote in a mindless action novel that I was reading the other day. A bunch Americans who have colonized the moon, and the Russians have flown several soldiers to the moon to take over the American colony. The stereotypical Russian soldier is squaring off the the lead American:

American: I must warn you, Major. We have a secret weapon. You and your men will surely die. Russian: A crude bluff, Mr. Steinmetz. I would have expected better from an American Scientist. American: Engineer -- there's a difference.

And, of course, the engineers go on to defeat the soldiers and save the day. God bless America.

pine has been annoying the crap out of me lately, so I gave wanderlust a whirl today (an emacs mailer that can do IMAP, SSL, threading, filtering, archiving, online and offline operation [which is truly cool -- pine really needs that], and make your dinner). Wow -- it's complicated. Perhaps even more complicated than mutt.

I couldn't get some of the basic functionality working properly (sometimes the index and the messages wouldn't match, or wouldn't display at all). So I gave up and decided that I'll spend quality time with it after I defend my dissertation. It looks like a really powerful mail program, but I just don't have time to spend with it now...

Nothing else too exciting to report. We turn over the keys to our old apartment tomorrow. Woo hoo! We sold 2 of the 3 room air conditioners; the third will stay in the apartment (it's a big momma-jomma) -- the owners said that they could probably sell it for us.

Much dissertating to do this weekend...

During my DSL woes today, I rebooted queeg, so I've only got 78 xmms's running, out of 157 total, for a pathetic 49%. Woof.

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