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I demand an immediate and comprehensive investigation into the disappearance of office canes!

Quick journal entry today:

  • I was up at ND all week to spend some quality time in the library, and to touch base with Brian and Arun w.r.t. LAM/MPI.

    • Got a whole bunch of good stuff from the library from the various journals and whatnot for my dissertation.

    • Scyld stuff for LAM is turning out to be more difficult than we thought (imagine that). Biggest source of problems: Scyld is "single system image" because it doesn't force you to have a common filesystem (and when everything in unix is a file, this is kinda critical).

    • Lots of Myrinet progress -- still not complete yet, but I think we're down to the "mopping up the details" phase. Long and short sends seem to work. There's a few issues with fork, and I think MPI_IPROBE doesn't work properly (possibly MPI_PROBE as well), but it's getting to be releasable.

    • HP has graciously given us a machine to play on (both for LAM testing and for IMPI testing), but it's taking a while to get it setup
      -- first they forgot to add an account for us, and now we're waiting for C/C++/Fortran compilers and HP/MPI to be installed. Hopefully, it will be ready by Monday.

    • LAM finally works on HP-UX 10.20.

  • Got home last night and fired up DSL at the house -- it was
    to setup on Linux! I plugged in the modem, plugged in ethernet to my laptop, and fired up a browser to the 10.x.y.z address that my install book said to do. I agreed to the TOS, typed in my phone number, and the modem installed itself (it seemed to look up configuration and whatnot from central Telocity servers and whatnot, keyed on my phone number). Pretty slick! The router than rebooted, I forced Linux to re-DHCP (just removed my card and put it back in), and I was live on the net! All in all, I was damn impressed -- you don't get much easier than that.

  • Ironically, today, Tracy wanted to get her e-mail, so I figured I'd just plug ethernet in the 'doze machine and let it DHCP from the modem and it should be good to go. Nope. There's a whole separate (and non-trivial) install procedure that I really didn't want to go through. Weird that the Linux install was , but the Windoze install was complicated. Must go get my backup linux router box from the apartment today, and setup NAT properly, etc., etc.

  • So doing more house stuff today, including setting up my office and bringing queeg and my new router over. I'll have to leave the old router running at the apartment for a few days to give DNS a chance to propagate the update of the IP addresses nicely (can take 1-3 days to go all the way around the world).

There are currently no xmms processes running, 'cause I never bothered to setup sound on my laptop. ;-)

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