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Ooohh... secret keys.

Spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon trying to make Brent's new Dell box dual boot Linux/Win2k.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I was able to get it to work. I could boot either linux or win2k, but not make it successfully boot either.

Brent mentioned the virtues of DirectTV over cable. In particular, the cheapness of DirectTV over digital cable (~$30/month vs. ~$50/month -- comes out to $240/year, which is nothing to sneeze at). My only question (which I didn't think of later, of course) is, "How do you get NBC/CBS/ABC? How do you see Friends?"

Ok, that's 2 questions. Cope.

I had to leave to meet Janna and Mel and Ruben (Muben? Rel? Hmm. Will need a conglomerate to refer to them...) for dinner at Judge Roy Beans (I was actually an hour late... oops). A good dinner; was good to see them all. Mel/Ruben just had their first child 3 months ago, and this was essentially the first time they had been out since (Mel's mom was in town and was babysitting). They said that it was the first time they had been speaking in complete sentences since Lydia was born.

A good time was all. Our waiter was definitely an induhvidual, though.

After I got home, I did a few web searches and bugged Lummy; found some solutions that should allow Win2k and Linux to dual-boot properly.

I spent a little time this morning improving my journal program --
something I've been meaning to do for quite a while. I used to type all the HTML for my entries, and I've been getting quite sick of it. So I put in a bunch of shortcuts, and cool function-based general mechanism:

  • "=====" is turned into my favorite cenetered-half-line <hr> thingy.

  • The <em> and </em> tags can be abbreviated with "_". So _foo_ turns into <em>foo</em>. For example, this is emphasized.
  • The <strong> and </strong> tags can be abbreviated with "*". So *foo* turns into <strong>foo</strong>. For example, this is boldface.
  • The <code> and </code> tags can be abbreviated with "[" and "]". So [foo] turns into <code>foo</code>. For example, this is code (pine doesn't render code properly :-\ )

  • Anything between { and } is a function call. Everything from { to } is replaced with the output of that function call. The first word (quoting, of course, applies) is the function name; the rest are arguments. The only function implemented right now is "a" (or the synonym "href"). If there is one argument, "a" does:

    <a href="arg1">arg1</a>

    If there are 2 or more arguments, "a" does:

    <a href="arg1">arg2 arg3 ...</a>

    For example, this is the new LAM/MPI web site. It's easy to see how this is a very extensible feature.

  • Any of the above special characters (_, *, [, ], {, }) can be escaped so that you can still have them in the text.

And perhaps most importantly, I have accidentally lost journal entries (sometimes long ones, too) because I hit ctrl-c or ctrl-d at the wrong time, and the journal program quit. So I put in some signal handlers to catch these kinds of things and save anything that has been typed so far to $HOME/dead.journal.entry (homage to $HOME/dead.letter, of course). And when the journal client starts up, it looks for $HOME/dead.journal.entry and, if it exists, asks if you want to preload it into your rant.

These are extremely useful features. I rationalized spending time on them this morning in that it would allow me to be Lazy -- it saves me time in the future.

(actually, typing this entry found two minor bugs that I've now fixed. Rock on!)

Those who use jjc, lemme know if you want a copy of this stuff.

T-1 day until we own a house.


But today, back to dissertating...

I've got 707 xmms's running on queeg, out of 795 total. That's 89%.

Coincidentally, queeg has been up and running without reboots for 77 days. The other day, the history in one of my kterms was well over 4000 (I think I've killed that kterm since then).

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