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Queeg rides again

Queeg rides again.

After successfully setting up DSL last night, I went over to the apartment today to get queeg (my desktop, for those of you who don't know). The plan was to leave my router box over at the apartment for a few days so that squyres.com could continue to be served properly while I was switching IP numbers.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a screwdriver, so I couldn't open up the router to get the extra NIC out of it (I have a computer back at the house to be the new router, but I needed a second NIC for it so that it could become a router). So I made a command decision and just took the router down and brought it to the house.

After playing around with settings for a while, I finally got the networking going again, and I now have a nice LAN going in the house. The router is now in a closet, along with my new telocity modem. I don't think that they will put out much heat such that being in an enclosed space will be a problem, but I'll keep an eye on them.

I moved the DNS for squyres.com and waynetruevalue.com to register.com -- I think that their server farm is much more resilient than my and Darrell's home computers, and there's probably much less latency to them, too. I've been burned a few times with DSL outages, or stupidity on my part such that badness happened to squyres.com unexpectedly, so I figured that hosting it at register.com (it's a free service, since I bought the names from them) was a much better idea. So since I unexpectedly took the old squyres.com DNS server off the net today, it will take a little time to propagate around the world, and there is a void where everyone else things it should be right now, but that will be fixed soon enough. 48 hours at the most.

I see that all my names are now on register.com's DNS servers, and they're starting to propagate, because the whois info is starting to propagate. I've already had a few calls from family members, though, asking why mail was going awry. Oops. Sorry -- I really didn't plan it this way. :-(

I called Ed and told him to update www.fhffl.com to point to my new IP address, too. I see that he's already updated his register.com DNS entries, too, so that's just in propagation delay right now.

Queeg is now happily running away in his/my new home.

One bad thing, though -- I accidentally plugged the wrong power supply in to my linksys switch and fried it. Arrgghh!! The plugs are all the same size... Luckily, I have an old hub lying around, but it's performance is already sucking (since I'm streaming MP3s from my router to queeg). I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and go buy a new switch. Grumble...

I'm playing The Matrix soundtrack, good and loud. This sub-woofer really rocks. I've heard it good and loud in the LSC before, but my office is a much smaller space than the LSC, and that just makes it all the more powerful. I can feel the woofer vibrating in the carpet. Yummy!

There are a measley 19 copies of xmms running, out of 92 total for a wimpy 20%. We'll keep playing MP3s to pump this stat up. :-)

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