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What was the final score on Dave's coffee cup today?

"The warriors may get all the glory, but engineers build societies."

A great quote; I may have even put it in my journal before. Amusingly enough, it is from Belanna Tores (probably spelled all wrong) from Star Trek Voyager. I'm not really a trekie, but I do enjoy the shows. Belanna's character said that in the rerun that was on tonight.

Brandon Moore and ..... released their Palm Pilot app that plays ND school songs (the fight song, the alma mater, and the victory clog). It totally rocks. You must go download it. Now.

In the words of Arun, "if you don't have a palm pilot, go buy one so that you can use this app. And Jeff Squyres is a God." Ok, I'm paraphrasing.


I sent a message about this palm pilot player to many, many ND grads. I got several positive comments back fairly quickly. Including one from Renzo, who, within minutes, submitted a bug report. What a geek. :-)

Dan, a friend of mine who graduated with me back in '94, had a good quote:

"Had an amusing inbox incident today. After receiving your original e-mail announcing the palm pilot app, I received multiple copies of that same e-mail from different sources over the next 2.5 hours. There's got to be some way we can make money off of Jeff's Notre Dame connections..."

Anyway, this app rocks. Go download it. Now.

Stop reading -- go download it!

No, really!

Did much moving stuff today: we hired a service to come over an move all of our furniture to the new house. So I spent all morning doing that. The apartment is getting really barren.

The three guys who came to move the furniture we quite friendly; I got along quite well with them. Over the course of the morning, I told them that I was "a computer geek", and told them that I was finishing up at ND.

We actually had a lot of laughs, talked about a variety of subjects (including other "professional students" that they knew --
one of their nieces apparently is about 4-6 hours away from about 3-4 majors; she just can't make up her mind), and they did a pretty good job moving all of our stuff.

After they had moved all the furniture into the house, when they were getting ready to leave, one of them asked me, "So are you like [my niece] -- you just can't decide on what major to finish on?"

"Oh no, I already have three degrees -- I'm working on my fourth. I have undergrad degrees in English and Computer Science, a Master's in Computer Science, and I'm working on finishing my Ph.D. in Computer Science."

He just looked at me.

"Hey, I told you I was a geek -- you just didn't know how much!"

He kept looking at me.

He finally said, "Yeah, but you just seemed... normal."

I laughed. Really hard. :-)

DSL should be installed at the house next week. The apartment is so barren that I'm not too excited about spending time there (even though it has DSL), so I'll probably head up to ND next week. Yes, I'm just using Notre Dame for its high speed^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H internet access.

Speaking of DSL, apparently my teenage cousins racked up a $900 phone bill last month on AOL (my aunt/uncle didn't have a flat rate local plan; they've never needed one before). I'm guessing that my cousins finally discovered ineternet porn. :-)

My uncle e-mailed me asking about DSL. Indeed, DSL would have saved them much money this past month. A great quote from my uncle:

"You came this close // to being minus two cousins when we got the phone bill a few days ago..."

Brian is going to Sandia this summer to do All Manner of Things LAM. Well, he's actually being funded to do specific things in LAM (fault-tolerant things), but either way, it's Rockin' cool. Brian also won some DOE fellowship the other day. Talk about being set... that just rocks.

Off to do some more moving things, and then spend our first night at the house (there's no bed left in the apartment). Woo hoo!

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