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C'mon Dave -- tap waits for no man

'tis the season for quickies.

  • My niece apparently loved the Barbie VW bug that Tracy and I sent her for her birthday (in all fairness, Tracy found and picked it out -- I only gave final approval).

  • Progress is being made on my dissertation code. My committee wanted to see a more hierarchical structure for the "manager worker" (gotta think of a better name), which I have been spending the last three days on. It's actually complicated just to launch the thing --
    you have to provide a map file (using inilib, of course). The startup protocols are getting complicated. It's interesting, 'cause I've never thought of using MPI for "startup protocols" before, but that's exactly what I'm doing -- spawning a bunch of sub-tasks, and then exchanging a bunch of startup meta information to setup the structure of the main computation. Kinda cool.

  • The more hierarchical structure will actually make the IMPI tests easier, I think.

  • I ordered some wireless networking stuff from with my prize money. I got a Linksys WAP and a Orinoco silver PCMCIA NIC, both of which are backordered. Sigh.

  • Since I still had more prize money, I decided to get as well (shh... haven't told Tracy yet; I know she doesn't read this, so I'm safe). We've been talking about a DVD player for quite a while, and could never quite rationalize buying one. Now that I had some "free money", it seemed to make sense. Outpost canceled my first order because they decided to stop carrying that model, but they still do have a refurbished version of the same model (for the same price). Go figure. So I ordered that one; it should be here Friday.

  • Tracy dropped and broke her Palm Pilot last week, so we had to order a new one for her. Got it at http://www.staples.com/, and used a coupon that we found at http://www.amazing-bargains.com/ and got it darn cheap without paying shopping. Sometimes, I just love the internet. It was actually supposed to be here today, so I guess it will show up tomorrow.

  • I helped Tracy with some Excel wizardy last night that apparently saved many hours of tedious work for her (it was a non-trivial formula that did some lookups and cross-referencing, handled errors, and generally could make a nice short-order lunch if you needed it to). Yay me! :-)

  • Darrell tells me that I need a "Previous" button on my journal so that it will go to the previous [time increment] in the web version of the jjc. It's on the to-do list, but probably won't be any time soon.

  • Still don't have a lawn mower, so I had to pay someone to cut the lawn again. Ugh. Not that I'm looking forward to mowing my lawn, but I am looking forward to not paying someone to do it. Err... well, maybe I'm looking forward to not having to pay someone to do it (let's not exclude the possibility of Jeff sometimes getting lazy and choosing to pay someone to mow the lawn).

  • Apparently, in my editorial about the whole "spy plane" incident, I said "Japanese" instead of "Chinese" at least once. Doh. I'm a stupid American. I do know the difference, and I'm quite sure which two countries were involved in this incident. I'm just a stupid typer, apparently. :-(

  • Back to the dentist tomorrow, hopefully for the last time in quite a while. Woof.

  • Thunder over Louisville is this weekend; a big airshow followed by the nation's largest fireworks show -- supposedly even bigger than the D.C. 4th of July show. It's over the Ohio River. My old apache unit usually puts in an appearance at the show as well (although I've heard their part is usually quite lame -- I have to say I'm not surprised :-).

  • I added a quickie feature to my MP3 web caster -- I can enqueue my entire audio collection at once into xmms. I have a lot of music. I enqueued my entire "alternative" section and found that I have 1806 MP3s. Putting it on "random play" makes for quite a nice mix, and I never have to think about what to play next -- for about a week (or until xmms crashes, which usually comes first).

Gotta run. There are currently only 21 xmms processes running on queeg (out of 93), because it crashed earlier today, when 948 xmms processes out of 1018 (93%) were running.

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