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He's weirder than a five dollar bill

Tracy's new palm pilot came yesterday.

It's the first in a series of toys coming from my latest internet shopping spree. Well, actually, Tracy bought her new pilot because she broke the old one, but I got to play with it first. ;-)

I ordered a cool book that Amazon recommended to me the other day (ok, sometimes I really am a sucker for marketing... At least I went to http://www.bestbookbuys.com/ (I think Dog recommended this site to me a long time ago -- it rocks) and didn't get the book from Amazon! I got it about $10 cheaper somewhere else): Exceptional C++: 47 Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions. Looks kinda interesting. That should probably come next week sometime.

The DVD player should arrive today as well.

Mandrake 8.0 was released yesterday. Brian managed to find a really fast mirror and we finally managed to download both CD images to nd.edu. It took quite a while, but I finally downloaded them to squyres.com and make CD's from them.

I'll probably eventually install 8.0 on my laptop. Installing it on my desktop will probably wait for a little while; when I can interrupt my work for at least a full day and not worry about it (perhaps after I hand in my dissertation...). Although I really would like to move up to KDE 2.1.1 (I'm on KDE 1.something now), and I would like to see Gnome's Evolution...

In other Linux distro news, it seems that LAM 6.5.1 made the cutoff for RedHat 7.1. Woo hoo!

Another entry is coming about my dissertation code. Those who aren't tech-heads can ignore it, as it will be quite geek-filled with details.

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