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I had a big history exam the next day and the only copy of the Fedaralist Papers that I had was *abridged*!

Some random haiku to sum up today.

ACM website
A vacuum cleaner sucks less
Highly ironic

My WAP came today
But still no ornico
Still hard line tethered

That's a lot of MP3s
Streaming jams all week

MP3s all day
xmms plays them well
Until it crashes

Is Motif that bad?
What if it sucked even more?
Then you have Lesstif

What rev have you got?
rpm -q lesstif
.89 is pain

qstat -sa
The hydra is full; damn CHEGs
I'll compile elsewhere

Just 4 syllables
It seems I know lots of these
I suck at haiku

There are 19 copies of xmms running, out of 96 total processes (19%).

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