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I'm just not white like you Dave

It appears that the fan on the CPU in my router is dying.

All morning I was hearing weird whirrs and clicks and whatnot. I couldn't locate the source of the noise, so I assumed that it was outside. It only dawned on me to look in the closet where my router lives after an hour or two. I finally realized that the noise was coming from my router machine itself.

I popped the cover and after trying to figure out what was making noise (first candidates were the disks), I finally determined that the motherboard was vibrating to varying degrees, resulting in the rattling sound. It was pretty trippy until I realized that there is a moving part on the motherboard -- the CPU fan.

Flicking the fan with my finger resulted in realigning whatever was rattling and silencing the racket. Oh yeah, it also rebooted my router. :-\ <sigh>

Anyway, no matter how much I flicked the fan, it would always start making noise again a few minutes later. Hence, I'm assuming that the fan will die in fairly short order. Where does one get new CPU fans in Louisville, KY?

As I mentioned yesterday, I got my WAP from http://www.outpost.com/, but still have no wireless network card (it's on back order). I only hope that Outpost stays in business long enough for them to ship the card to me -- they had the best price on it, and I avoided shipping costs.

Did I mention that Tracy and I picked out a grandfather clock? It's a wedding present from my parents. We finally have a house to put it in. It's the McConnell clock from Howard Miller. If all goes well, it will be here in a few weeks. Cool.

I've been working on a paper for SC2001. We'll see if it gets finished in time for submission (extended abstracts are due this Friday). Ugh -- stress! The topic is Tucson -- the software framework that I detailed several days ago (of which, several of those details have already changed :-). The name "Tucson" came from the fact that "it's on the road to Phoenix!" The name Phoenix, of course, refers to the ability of the framework to ressurect processes when they die (in a fault tolerant kind of way).

It's funny. Laugh!

Yes, you can groan now.

While modifying a figure for this paper, I just learned that xfig has a "freehand" mode in the line tool. I had no idea! It's rather amusing, actually, if you are in grid "snap to point" mode --
"freehand" is actually quite blocky. :-)

I'm reading a book by Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter that I randomly picked up in a bookstore a few weeks ago called The Light of Other Days. The pretext is that technology is invented in the late 21st century that allows remote viewing of any location as well as any point in the past. The philosophical implications are staggaring --
no privacy at all anymore.

I just ran across a great quote:

"This isn't the 1990's, Mary. Software development is a craft now."

One can only hope that software development gets much better than it currently is! :-)

Speaking of software sucking, it looks like Telocity's Atlanta routers are hosed again. Riddle me this: DNS works fine (which makes sense, because I'm using their DNS routers -- assumedly their internal network is fine; it's just the connection to the net of the net that is suckin'). So I can lookup IP addresses of anyone I want. I just can traceroute to them. BUT -- I can telnet to port 80 of www.excite.com. Even though UDP and ICMP traceroute packets to www.excite.com die at the Atlanta Telocity routers.

Weird, man. Weird.

There are 129 copies of xmms running, out of 206 total processes (62%).

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