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I'm off to astound the world with more feats of adequcocity

Some quickies:

  • Spent the entire weekend (and I do mean entire weekend) doing taxes and old Army paperwork. My taxes seem to be a bit complicated this year 'cause it seems that I did an improper IRA conversion to a Roth IRA, which I now have to undo. Ugh! The Army paperwork is mostly really old stuff that I should have done a long time ago. I have to send all that stuff to Georgia first, and then they'll sign stuff and send it on to the proper destinations. Oops. :-(

  • Tracy took care of doing a final walk-through of our old apartment (a.k.a., "the hell hole"), and it's now finally out of our possession. Woo hoo! We sold 2 of our old room air conditioner units, and still have the Big Monster one left -- we left it in the apartment, and the owners said that they would have the new renters call us to work out a deal.

  • I'm going to get a fax machine for home. It's been really, really annoying having to have Tracy fax stuff for me, and the frequency has increased lately, such that it's gone beyond "one or two faxes in a while", such that I really should be doing them at home and not on the company bill.

  • The ND women's basketball team rocked last night and won the national championship. That's just so cool! Many congrats to them (like any of them will ever see this :-) -- they did themselves and ND proud.

  • LAM now seems to pass all tests. I'm going through a checklist before releasing. Brian and I are synching up later today, so it's quite possible that we're finally going to release LAM 6.5 today. Woo hoo!!!

  • Finally saw Gladiator this weekend. Not a bad flick. I give it 10 minutes. Probably would have given it more, but it was way too hyped up for me.

  • xmms crashed earlier today, but much earlier than it usually does. There were only 481 copies running (out of 555 processes total). <shrug>

  • Just to clarify (some have asked) -- I was not affected by the Northpoint DSL shutdown. Telocity is my ISP, and they use many "routing" companies (including Northpoint). The "routing" company around here is Covad, so I wasn't affected. My recent DSL woes have been caused by increased solar flare activity (a catchall to blame random occurances on).

That's it for now.

There are currently 34 xmms processes running out of a total of 112 (30%).

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