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LAM/MPI 6.5 released

As Renzo said (for a completely different occassion, mind you), "FINALLY!".

The LAM Team of the Laboratory for Scientific Computing at the University of Notre Dame is pleased to announce the release of LAM/MPI version 6.5.

The software package can be downloaded from LAM/MPI's new web site (please update your bookmarks and links accordingly):


LAM/MPI is a portable, open source implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard. It contains a full implementation of the MPI-1 standard and much of the MPI-2 standard.

LAM/MPI's features include:

  • Persistent run-time environment for fast user program startup and
    guaranteed termination and cleanup of resources

  • High-performance message passing, including combined shared
    memory/TCP message passing engines

  • Extensive debugging tools
  • Much of the MPI-2 standard, including:

    • support for basic one-sided functionality

    • full implementation of dynamic processes

    • handle conversion between Fortran and C

    • new attribute access functions on communicators, datatypes, and

    • new datatypes

    • support for many parallel I/O features

    • C++ bindings for MPI-1 functions

New features in LAM/MPI 6.5 include:

  • Man pages for all MPI-1 and MPI-2 functions

  • Made LAM aware of PBS so that the same user can have multiple LAM
    universes on the same host simultaneously

  • New SMP-aware "mpirun" command line syntax and boot schema syntax
    for "lamboot"

  • Added finer grain control via an MPI_Info key for MPI_COMM_SPAWN

  • Shared library support on all platforms that GNU libtool supports

  • Revamped the build process; now uses GNU automake

  • Full support for VPATH builds

  • The lamboot and recon commands are noticably faster

  • New "lamhalt" command to quickly shut down the LAM run time environment

  • New "lamnodes" command to retrieve hostnames from nX and cX nomenclature

  • Added MPI_ALLOC_MEM and MPI_FREE_MEM, mainly in anticipation of
    Myrinet and VIA support

  • Added "-s" option to lamboot to allow "rsh somenode lamboot -s
    hostfile" to allow rsh to terminate

  • Expanded many error messages to be more descriptive and generally

  • Updated MPI 2 C++ bindings distribution

  • Updated and patched ROMIO distribution

  • Added syslog messages (for debugging) to the run-time environment on
    remote nodes
  • Bug fixes

LAM/MPI supports portions of the Interoperable MPI (IMPI) standard in a separate distribution -- the 6.4 series (also downloadable from the LAM/MPI webs site). It is expected that the IMPI extensions will eventually merge into the 6.5 series.

XMPI 2.2 will not work with LAM/MPI 6.5. A new version of XMPI will be released soon that will include support for LAM 6.5.

The full source code for LAM/MPI is available for download. Linux RPM's for all three of LAM's message passing engines (pure TCP, combined TCP/shared memory with spin locks, and combined TCP/shared member with semaphores) are also available.

All downloads are available for download from LAM/MPI's new web site (please updated your bookmarks and links accordingly):


A list of mirrors of this site is available at:


The web site also contains details for CVS access to the LAM/MPI source tree, FAQs, MPI and LAM/MPI tutorials, and generally lots of other additional information.

With this release, the addresses of LAM/MPI's two mailing lists will be changed to reflect the new address:

  • General user's mailing list

    This list is for questions, comments, suggestions, patches, and generally anything related to LAM/MPI (in order to control spam, you must be a subscriber in order to post to the list). Web archives of the lists, as well as individual and digest subscriptions are available. See the following URL for more information:


  • LAM/MPI announcement list

    This is a low-volume list that the LAM Team uses to announce new versions of LAM/MPI, important updates, etc. Public posts are not allowed. Web archives of the lists, as well as individual and digest subscriptions are available. See the following URL for more information:


Make today a LAM/MPI day!

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