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Soon the super karate monkey death car will park in my space.

I just learned something about my phone the hard way.

I called a local hardware store earlier this morning. Later, I called Lummy. Since I call Lummy not infrequently, I have him on speed dial, so I hit the speed dial button. After I hung up with Lummy (his voice mail, actually), I remembered something that I had forgotten to leave in my message for Lummy, so I hit "redial". It called the hardware store, not Lummy. Oops. That is, it redialed the last number that I had punched in, not the last number that I called.

I guess that pretty much makes sense, since I could just as well hit the "Lummy" button instead of "redial", and redial theoretically is better suited to remembering something that you don't necessarily have stored somewhere (i.e., the last number that you punched in). But it still surprised me.

These new-fangled telephones. I just don't get'em. But I heard that they have the internet on computers now. What will they think of next?

I saw an article about how major cell phone companies (Ericcson?) are delaying their rollout of "3G" phones (third generation) due to software glitches. I'm not surprised. I have a fairly simply Audiovox phone which is pretty handy, but it definitely has its share of what are assumedly software glitches. I've even had to "reboot" my phone at least once (take the battery out for several seconds).

It's fairly reliable, but I would imagine that the software inside is actually fairly complex, and therefore susceptible to the "software quality sucks" rule that seems to be the norm of today. :-(

Went out and plunked down a few hundred on a mower today. Woof. Also got a trimmer. On the way home, I'm out of books to read, so I stopped at a local Books a Million and got two new Orson Scott Card books (I'm in the middle of the Homecoming series), a Fatboy Slim CD (ripping MP3s now...), and the Fight Club DVD.

Must spend the rest of the day on the SC paper...

There are 345 copies of xmms running, out of 425 total processes (81%).

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