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The Secret of Management

Clean Fatboy Slim? Wha...?

I just noticed that I got the "Kiddie's Clean Version" of the Fatboy Slim CD that I just bought. What an outrage! Darn you, Tipper! I want all my golly-darn profanity and holy smokes swearing! And dang it all if the razzem frazzem songs don't not obscenely suggest that I should have my cake and eat it too, gumdangit!

...aw, bleep it.

In all honesty, I'm curious to know what the difference is. If anyone has the normal one, or has heard both versions, drop me a line and let me know what was changed. Thanks.

All in all, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars was somewhat disappointing. Not spazoidal enough. So on the way to the hardware store, I bought some more CDs. I got the new Poe (Haunted), another Fatboy Slim (On the Floor at the Boutique), and a compilation called Louder Than Ever -- Volume 1 (which may turn out to be a rap CD, which I didn't realize -- I was looking for random techno. My criteria for selecting the CD was that it was a compilation, I didn't recognize any of the bands, and it had words like "Da", "Club", and "remix" in the titles. The fact that one of the songs on this CD was humorously named "What U See Is What U Get" was just a bonus [what is a WUSIWUG?]. Regardless, it seems that my CD-selecting filter may need a bit of tweaking...).

The Boutique CD is pretty cool. Good and spazzy. I give it 10 minutes.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the Poe CD yet, but it's got that song Hey Pretty that they play on the radio. I have another Poe CD, and it's good slow stuff; I expect this to be similar.

Tonight was the "Secret of Management" episode of News Radio. It featured both Ft. Awesome and a ball pit. Coincidence? You decide.

Just got my orders for my Army duty this summer.

Arrgh... they're specifically not giving me a rental car! (I've had one the last two times I went down there) This could be a real drag, depending on where my hotel is. Last time, my hotel was fairly close, but the first time I went, my hotel was a good 15-20 minute drive away including a fair amount of highway driving.

This'll be my last tour down there in Atlanta; the place is closing down. Slowly. (like all government entities -- when the decision is made to close an office, it takes months or years to actually do it). I'll have to find another unit after this. I've looked around a little, but nothing has come up yet. I'll have to resume my search, but as with most other things, probably not until post-dissertation...

We submitted our SC2001 paper with 26 seconds to spare. 26 seconds later and the server would have disallowed our submission.

And who said that Computer Science wasn't exciting?

It's now Sunday. Yesterday, I paid my dues and re-joined the Lawn Mowing Association of America (LMAA). It seems that over the past 11-12 years, my membership had lapsed.

I spent much money at the hardware store for various home things (hose, sprinkler, more blinds, a spreader, etc.). Woof. Tracy spent a good deal on internal furnishings, too. Now I understand why the US economy is so dependent upon the

Janna came over for dinner last night; we made steaks on the grill. It was much fun. Jim thought the wireless stuff was way cool (still waiting for my Orinoco card... it should be here sometime this week).

I put up some more windows blinds today, and we'll likely order the rest of our window stuff Real Soon Now. I might well make a "boring" category for journal entries that have to do with Home Stuff. That way, those who don't give a damn can just delete it without reading it. :-)

DSL was out most of yesterday, and about half of today. Woof. Telocity just can't seem to configure those routers in Atlanta properly. At least, that's what I'm assuming -- traceroute's stop in Atlanta for some reason. I can usually get to some sites (e.g., http://www.excite.com/), but not others (e.g., http://www.yahoo.com/ and http://www.nd.edu/). Arrgh!

There are 32 copies of xmms running, out of 109 total processes (29%).

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