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It's been a few days since my last entry.

In brief:

  • Tracy's parents were here for the weekend. Partly to visit, partly to see the house, and partly so that Tracy could go shopping w/ her mom.

  • Tracy's dad and I did some house things, like install a new programmable thermostat and put pellets around the foundation of the house to repel ants and mites. The joys of being a homeowner.

  • I think Tracy and I set a record for going out to dinner for 4 days in a row. Woof. Thursday, we were both in snitty moods and didn't feel like cooking (that was the day I found out that my background check stuff wasn't encrypted). Friday was dinner w/ Janna at an English Pub a few minutes up the road from us (fish-n-chips, of course -- it's Lent!). Saturday was with Tracy's parents because Tracy didn't want to cook for her mother. :-) Today was with Tracy's parent's again because Tracy's birthday is tomorrow.

  • Tracy's parents leave tomorrow morning. It was a quick visit.

  • There's been lots of good discussion on the llamas list about All Manner of Things LAM. Good advice and tips and whatnot from the llamas.

  • Trond from RedHat is still running into weird LAM failures in some esoteric circumstances. We haven't been able to duplicate his issues.

  • I'm heading up to ND for this upcoming week tomorrow morning.

  • Been getting ready for my meeting with my dissertation committee this week (no, I'm not stressed...). I'll be spending some more quality time in the library this week, and will spend time writing writing writing...

  • Got some blinds for my office instead of these sheets that are hanging in the windows now. I'll hang them when I get back from ND.

  • (can't remember if I mentioned this in a previous journal entry or not) My new linksys switch came last week. I'd been waiting for quite a while, and kept checking on the status of it at amazon.com. The weird thing is that it said "Delivered", but I never saw it at my door. Hmm. So on Wednesday or Thursday, I called UPS and punched in the tracking number. They said it had been delivered on Monday... to the back door. Doh! Sure enough, it was sitting at my back door. It had been sitting there for 2-3 days. Gotta remember to check for those back door deliveries, I suppose. :-)

Gotta run now. There are 947 xmms instances running on queeg, out of a total of about 93%

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