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More quickies. Some are techincal. Cope.

  • I discovered today why grip sucks. I previously have had problems with grip refusing to rip a track or two. For example, it wouldn't rip a track at the end of Fatboy Slim's On the Floor of the Boutique. I had always assumed that the CD was defective. Today, I was ripping a CD that Tracy had just bought, and ran into exactly the same problem. grip reported the time for the track as 5:37, while the CD jacket reported it being something like 2:50. Hmm. I tried three different CD drives and they all did the same thing. I put the CD into a real CD player and the track played fine. Hum!

    So I ripped it manually with cdparanoia, and it ripped fine (which is weird, because grip uses cdparanoia to rip). Then I encoded it with bladeenc, and the resulting MP3 is fine. I did the same with the Fatboy Slim track, too. I found the problem -- each of these two CDs have an "enhanced track" at the end, which screws up the next-to-last track somehow. grip not only specifies the track cdparania to rip, it also specifies the sectors. So somehow grip is getting the wrong sectors, which causes it to fail. If I give just the track number to cdparanoia, it works just fine. Weird.

  • Internet connectivity has absolutely sucked for the past 72 hours. To ND especially. I am guessing that the networking upgrade that ND did on Saturday morning may have mucked things up... but IIRC, they were just replacing some UPSs, not changing any configurations. Hmm. But then again, there could just be lots more traffic on my DSL segment due to the holiday weekend. I dunno. I've been seeing 50-60%
    packet loss to nd.edu.
  • I found, by accident, today that the latest versions of xmms fix the thread leaks. Turns out that it was apparently leaking sockets, too. I was doing some Tuscon testing and noticed that a ps took 10-15 seconds to complete. This is because there were so many dangling threads (arrgghh... stupid linux thread/process model!). So I went and check http://www.xmms.org/, and sure enough, there was a new version. I got the latest (1.2.4), and it fixed the problem. I noticed that they released 1.2.5pre1 recently, so I grabbed that, compiled it (with ogg support, of course), and it seems to be working fine. Check out the xmms stats at the end. Amazing!

  • ogg seems to be coming along. I've been rather inactive in it while trying to finish the dissertation. I updated my CVS copy of it today when I compiled xmms; there's a DOS file that doesn't compile 'cause of preprocessing badness (trying to have a multi-line macro with a carriage return after the '\' causes the preprocessor to be unhappy). Monty just checked in what sounded like much audio goodness (I don't follow much of that stuff, but it sounded good... hahaha... very punny...).

  • I'm getting account on American Museum of Natural History's 260 node cluster; they have problems over 229 nodes with LAM. Will be a good place to test lamtree, too. But I must graduate...

  • For days, I've been looking for a memory leak in Tuscon. My sample passthrough test app was allocating memory at an alarming rate
    -- but only in the root master process. The children all looks like they were nicely memory bounded. I finally found the problem today --
    it wasn't a memory leak at all. Turns out that my input thread stupidly allocated space for the entire input file at the beginning of time rather than ask for a bunch of buffers, fill and enqueue them, ask for more buffers, etc., etc. i.e., the whole concept of buffer pooling. Nope -- I just asked for buffers for all the data up front. Duh. :-\

There are 8 copies of xmms running, out of 79 total processes (10%).

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