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Dave, do you think Earnest Hemmingway ever gave a reading that bad?

I wrote up a journal entry the other day, but it got lost. :-(

I was working on my laptop -- I had just installed Mandrake 8.0 and was playing with my new wireless card. It mostly works, but not entirely.

  • emacs seems to have arbitrarily wide wrap lengths; 78 or 79 chars in text mode. Gotta figure out how to change that.

  • Aurora is a cute GUI boot screen. However, it only seems to want to run in "NewStyle" mode, not "Traditional" mode (I'd prefer the Traditional mode, because it still shows each item as it starts, whereas the "NewStyle" only shows a small number of amorphous icons at the bottom of the screen and alternates highlighting them -- I have no idea what it means).

  • I haven't tried to play MP3s yet.

  • The fonts are somewhat icky. Took me a while with playing around with my konsoles to find a reasonable font. The konsole scrolling is pretty slow, too -- it wasn't slow before.

  • I set the non-framebuffer kernel to be the default; it seems that it's slightly faster video (e.g., scrolling in konsoles).

  • Konquerer is cool, but it crashes a lot. And the crashes are repeatable, too. So I'm still stuck with Netscape...

  • My wireless card was detected and installed properly without me having to do anything. Cool.

  • pine wasn't installed by default. Dunno why; it's possible that I deselected it somewhere during the install (but I don't recall doing that...). It was on the CD, so I just RPM installed it. It had built in support for SSL and IMAP, so it rocked right off the bat.

  • dig also wasn't installed (same disclaimer). I found bind-utils on the 'drake CD and installed that, too.

  • I don't know anything about postfix, so I uninstalled it and put in sendmail instead.

  • It seems that there's a new wireless NIC driver called orinoco_cs (as opposed to wvlan_cs, which 'drake installed for me by default). However, 'drake didn't compile orinoco_cs as a module, so I set about compiling my own kernel. Needless to say, on my little laptop, it took several hours. I used the config file that 'drake supplied, and just tweaked a few values. It finally all built, but when I rebooted with it, I got a mysterious "cannot boot from that root device" error. Dunno what that's all about. I restored my original modules and all was well. I'd really like to use the orinoco_cs driver, though, 'cause it works with WEP and whatnot. Might have to play a little more there...

In the meantime, my DSL has been really crappy this week. It was out for about 3/4 of this past weekend, and multiple times through Monday and Tuesday. It was out for about a half-hour this morning, and is now out again.

This really sucks. Especially when I'm trying to do stuff in nd.edu -- I just get cutoff. Arrghh!!

I started a primitive script to log how much I'm offline, and when. I just does a ping to the Telocity DNS servers, a ping to www.lsc.nd.edu, and a ping to www.excite.com every minute. Why Excite? Well, it seems that I'm never offline to them. Just about everything else goes (www.yahoo.com, for example), but Excite seems to stay reachable. The problem almost always seems to be the Telocity routers in Atlanta (traceroute's stop there).

I wish that whoever was maintaining those routers would get their act together!

I learned something about xmms's thread leak -- it only happens when streaming files to it via http. It doesn't happen when playing files from a real CD, or MP3s from a local filesystem.

Weird, eh? Must be a bug strictly in the http streaming code.

There are 240 copies of xmms running, out of 326 total processes (73%).

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