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I'm sorry, that's just the way we do things around here -- the new guy has to sit next to Matthew.

"I love the smell of dropped packets in the morning."

My DSL connectivity still sucks. 50-60% packet loss to just about everywhere. Arrgh.

I saw a few episodes of the FX X-Files Memorial Day Marathon. They were showing some of the really classic X-Files episodes, like the monster/Cher Halloween episode, the X-Cops episode, the Queen Mary/Nazi episode, etc.


Tuscon seems to be working! Added some simplification functions that I rolled into a "simple" example.

By the end of the day, I had broken Tucson again, all the in name of making the user interface better...

I finally got sick of this horrendous connectivity and called Telocity to report the problem. It seems that Telocity was bought out last week by Hughes Electronics, and is now DirectTVDSL. Hmm. I don't know whether to be worried or not...

The technician lady that I got was totally clueless. She asked me if I was frequently deleting my "catch files". It was only 10-15 minutes later that I realized that she meant "cache files" (which has absolutely nothing to do with the problem, which is why I didn't realize what she meant at the time).

The connectivity problems that I was having were mostly to the rest of the internet. Even though my route to other Telocity machines goes through Bell South, that appeared to be working [mostly] ok. For example, my DNS connectivity was [mostly] ok.

She ran some ping tests between me and her and said, "I'm not seeing this 50-60% loss than you're talking about..." I tried to explain that my Telocity connectivity was fine, but connectivity to the rest of the internet sucked. She said, "but I don't have any connectivity problems to Yahoo (for example)". <sigh>

She finally came up with a 2% packet loss between me and her, and decided to report that. She was convinced that this was the Big Problem. I made her put down that I was seeing 50-60% loss out to Yahoo, even though I think she didn't believe me. Arrghh...

[several hours later] The recorded message on Telocity's tech help line says that "customers in the southeast may experience intermittent service... there is no estimated time to repair, but it may take up to a week to resolve these issues..." ARRGGGHHH!!!! Hopefully it will be less than that. :-(

I got account on American Natural History Museum cluster today. They punched a hole in their firewall for ssh for my IP (fixed IP/DSL does have some advantages...). It appears to be related to the Zoology department... hum! I wonder what they use such a big cluster for.

But my connectivity sucks; I couldn't really do anything.

The Army finally authorized me a rental car for my AT today. Woo hoo!

DSL connectivity finally came back around 4-5pm. Everything appears to be normal now.

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