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Nice "Big House" humor, sir

Ok, it's been a while. Cope.

GNU Mailman is smart. I created the cfl list and added a bunch of people to it, then sent a few posts across it. Pete then asked to be on cfl, so I added him, and bounced all three posts to him.

Oops -- I bounced one of them to cfl, not to Pete! Doh! But GNU mailman must have recognized that it was a duplicate (or a resend), because it didn't resend it across the list.

Pennsylvania has free birth certificate copies for military members.


I ordered 3.

It's like when I was driving back to SBN from Ft. Knox one night after duty (I had to be in SBN for a meeting first thing in the morning or something), and was still in my BDUs when I stopped for dinner at a McDonald's. I ordered a Big Mac combo meal and pulled out my wallet to pay. The manager walked up and said, "Meals are free for military members". "Cool!", I said, "Can I super-size that?"

My passport expires soon. I went to http://www.firstgov.gov/, found the passport page, and downloaded the renewal forms. They're expired. They expired April 30, 2001. <sigh>

I went to the post office to get renewal forms instead. They had the same out of date forms. <sigh>

I found some more old bugs in jjc.

  • I found a nonterminated C string. I can't imagine how that didn't cause jjc to crash all the time.

  • I also freed some static memory.

  • I also found an endless loop when <> was in a rant (i.e,. an empty HTML tag).

They're all fixed now. Anyone who uses jjc, lemme know if you want a new copy.

Actually, it still appears that there's a little problem with jjc identifying which line unterminated HTML or special characters are on. I'll fix that one someday. Not today.


Some pieces of wisdom that I have learned:

  • If you vector.resize(-1), or vector.reserve(0), Bad Things happen.

  • If you setenv LAMHCC mpicc; mpicc hello.c -o hello, Bad Things happen (even though the computer appears to be doing nothing).

Epiphany got their new computer -- a w2k box. I put it together and got it running. It came with Office XP when we explicitly asked for Office 2000. We ordered Office 2k; should be here in the next few days.

The high tension power lines over the exercise track in my neighborhood have a distinctive hum.

I went to ND last week to receive my SGI award. I saw Dr. Eileen there, which was pretty cool. She's actually at IU/Bloomies now, and came back for graduation weekend.

While driving back from ND, I chatted with my C-* Terry for a good 45 minutes about her wedding, furniture, etc. It was a good chat.

I stopped in Indy to see Kelly and Matt on the way home. We had lunch and were generally silly for several hours. I met the crazy brown dog, who actually is crazy, brown, and a dog. They're moving to Chi-town. Good for them, bummer for me!

I'm in Bloomington (Bloomies); I met a bunch of people in the CS department today, saw Lindley Hall, the student union, the woods, got lost on the campus, parked illegally, had lunch with Todd, got a guest key, planned equipment purchases and layout, and did other nefarious deeds.

I'll head back to Looieville tomorrow.

More news on Tuscon in a different journal entry.

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