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I think that the rat-bastard ice cream man is trying to kill my spirit.

It seems that entirely different muscles are required for running vs. roller blading. This is quite unfortunate. Why can't they be the same? IMHO, roller blading is much more fun than running. Running is so boring.
Unfortunately, the army isn't quite modern enough to offer competitive roller blading as part of their standard physical tests (just imagine: the soldiers of tomorrow blading around on the battlefield on special track-mounted foot adaptors... what an edge!), so I still have to run at my test next month.

So I decided that I had better start actually running rather than blading for exercise. Needless to say, I was smoked within minutes. But being a stubborn idiot, I pressed on for quite a while (mainly because my army duty is only a few weeks away). I ran around my neighborhood a bit, and did the exercise track (situps and pushups) down by one of the two lakes here.

And there's a big-ass hill between the exercise track and our home
-- and it's downhill the wrong way. Yes, I have to run uphill to get home. Woe is me! I guess it makes me a better person.

Anyway, the ice cream truck, playing its loud jingle-jangle pied piper music came down the street just as I was dying up the hill towards home.

Did I say "dying"? I meant "running".

Several thoughts enter my head, almost simultaneously:

  1. I shouldn't have any ice cream; I'm trying to lose some weight here!

  2. I don't have any money with me.

  3. I wonder if he'd give me a ride home.

Woe was me. He even stopped for a bunch of kids that I went by so that they could run screaming into their houses, "MOM!!! The ice cream man is here!!!" (reminded me of the old Eddie Murphy ice-cream man schtick. "It's like sprinkles.").

But I survived. Without ice cream. I have declared the ice cream man to be my nemesis. It's a battle of wills between us. I will prevail.

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I am not tempted by the wiles of the sinister ice cream man, for his cream is not my forte. I found your site googling for “stinkbutt”. You were third on the list! Isn’t that remarkable?

Okay, now that I’ve read your journal and left a wonderful comment, it’s time for you to return the favor!

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