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You wake up at C-TAC, SFO, LAX

Our great room furniture came today. Woo hoo!

I didn't tell Tracy that it was coming, of course (they called yesterday to setup a delivery time). So she was extra pleased to see it when she came home. It's the little things in life. :-)

Today is the Oakes race in Louisville. It's basically the local's version of the Kentucky Derby -- it's a Big Event. Tomorrow, Louisville will be absolutely flooded with billions of people out outside of Louisville, so there's a lot of local pride wrapped up in the Oakes race.

We got invited to go through GE, but I had to turn it down so that I could work work work... Maybe next year.

I did some rough stats on my monitoring so far and found out that DSL has been up 44% of the time since I started monitoring (Wed, May 2, 10:11am). Granted, that's really only 2 days, but as Holly said, "That's a poor IQ for a glass of water!"

Ok, it was much funnier when Holly said it. And it made sense, too.

The point is that in the past two days, DSL has been down more than it has been up. And it has cost me a lot of work. Bonk. :-(

And since it's Bell South's problem, it's not like switching to a different DSL carrier will fix the problem -- they all use Bell South since Bell South is the local tellco. Double plus unbonk. :-(

I accidentally killed xmms earlier, so the stats there are pretty low right now.

This is unusual for me to send so many journal updates in one day
-- normally, I leave the journal window open for quite a while and let it accumulate, but given how flaky DSL is, I'm going to submit now so that I know it gets recorded properly...

There are 17 copies of xmms running, out of 104 total processes (16%).

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