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Can that thing measure a New York Minute? 'cause Jimmy could be walking through that door any minute. And this is New York Ci

Much has happened.

The easiest format is quickies
[sound effect: mad crowd cheering]

  • I'm officially an IU post doc. Can't remember if this has been in the journal yet. Pay starts very soon. Real money -- woo hoo!

  • I'm back from my Army 2 weeks. Literally moments after I turned in my rental car and got in the shuttle to go to the airport, it started raining. Hard. So hard that it was darn near impossible to see out the windows. Could I have timed that any better? It is unlikely that I will return to Atlanta for future ATs; not only are there only 3 unix machines (part of the AT that I just completed involved ramping down their Unix side), there is also some question as to the future of that specific office. I've got some contacts that I'll be following up with to see if I can get another computer-type posting (as opposed to being a battalion signal officer somewhere). We'll see how that goes.

  • Contrary to my last 2 AT's, I sent off my Army travel/pay paperwork immediately.

  • My trip home from Atlanta was otherwise uneventful. The plane was somewhat late in taking off from Atlanta, but that was no biggie.

  • Tracy picked me up at the airport and we went out to dinner. We ended up at a table right around the corner from Janna and some of Jim's MBA study friends. We ended up going back to Janna's and watching the new version of Charlie's Angels. Holy cow, did that movie suck! I give it 25 feet. It was so bad that parts of it were really funny, but it wasn't bad enough to be funny enough to be a worthwhile movie. It was just plain bad. They tried a whole bunch of Matrix-like special effects which were technically competent enough, but (for example) I don't think that the actors/actresses carried off the harness work well at all. They even left the door open for a sequel, but I highly doubt that that will happen.

  • (Editor's note: If you don't know the internals of LAM, skip the following item as it will make less sense to you than a one-eyed dog looking at a "hidden eye" picture that contains a Hindu translation of the Rosetta Stone) Brian has found a really troubling bug in the lamd w.r.t. some new code that I put in recently for sending back the routing table in a call to ldogetlinks(). I recently changed the code to split up the routing table to only send a portion of the table at a time because the nsend() glue in the lamd does not packetize -- it truncates over 8k. This was a problem when the routing table was over 8k (i.e., lots of nodes in the LAM universe). However, my changes were somehow causing failures sometimes on RedHat 7.1 (consistently in ldogetlinks() in tping, but not in ldogetlinks() in any other program). Much weirdness. We decided to punt on this for now, and put the old code back. Brian's work in the lamd will soon give us fully-packetizing nsend(), anyway, so the point will be moot.

  • Monty (of Ogg/Vorbis) just replied to me that the problems inside the Vorbis engine to making it parallel are only going to get worse, because of new things that they want to do, etc. (insert math mumbo-jumbo here). Bummer. He thinks it's still possible, though, but it will require some API work in libvorbis to support this. So the door is not closed yet; we'll see how it works out.

  • I spent today catching up on paperwork and snail mail that accrued while I was defending the country.

  • Target has a fairly nice and fully-functional web site. I just went there to buy a wedding present for Ken/Amanda (their names don't really combine well). I was pleasantly surprised.

  • queeg rebooted sometime while I was in Georgia because of a power blip. Bonk. His uptime is now only 9 days. Unfortunately, I don't have any records of how long he was up before that.

  • Some machine in indiana.edu got hacked this past week. Someone on the ND CERT list sent the press release around; this makes two hacks this year. Hmm... imagine if ND had a press release every time they got hacked! (the implication here is that it would overflow ND's PR department)

  • I downloaded the newest stable bladeenc and am re-ripping a few of my CDs. I re-ripped the Weapon of Choice song from Fatboy Slim (the one that I complained about a few days ago here in the jjc -- I never noticed how bad my MP3 was until I heard it on the radio, and the quality was much clearer).

  • I've been hearing a lot of Fatboy Slim on the radio and in movies these days. It's probably because of my support and the taglines that I've been giving him here in the jjc. You're welcome, Normy.

  • I'll be visiting IU this upcoming week sometime (gotta fill out paperwork) and then go visit Brian and crew down at Sandia in New Mexico next week.

That's all for now. More later.

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