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Fact cited by Matthew Brock are not necessarily facts

I think every long-running program should have a unix domain socket that you can use to communicate with it. It's an inherently useful capability; you can use it to query the current status of the program, change run-time parameters, etc.

Particularly in multi-threaded apps -- you can have a thread just sitting there waiting for connections, handling the requests, etc.

All the cool kids are doing it.

Been fighting with LAM's Myrinet RPI all week. Got some issues solved, but not all of them (any claims that I previously made about having it all working were later shown to be totally false. Doh). I seem to be having a problem with collectives that use long messages now. Hmm.

It seems to work in trivial cases, but if you stress test it at all (i.e., get a bunch of concurrency where multiple messages are going through the state machine simultaneously), barf-o-rama. I think it may have to do with the fact that we're using a slightly different state machine (vs. the TCP RPI that we stole it from) in the initial tcp_advmultiple() entry point, but I'm not 100% sure of that yet...

I find it very amusing that the action-packed trailers shown on TV for the "Tomb Raider" raider feature a song by Fatboy Slim named "Michael Jackson". Notable lyrics in the song (not heard in the trailer, of course) are, "Michael Jackson -- that's a cute guy!"

Learned something yesterday by accident -- tcsh's pushd command, when executed with no argument, will swap the top two elements on the stack, and change to the directory that is now on the top of the stack. That's pretty cool -- and useful!

Had to spend some quality time with RPM's yesterday to make the OSCAR LAM RPM. Learned a bit more about RPM's than I really wanted it, but I de-mystified a bunch of my prior knowledge about building RPM's.

I made the OSCAR RPM (main difference is that it is completely installed in /opt/lam-LAMVERSION rather than in /usr and friends), and setup the scripts for OSCAR to install it.

Brian is doing Great Things with C++-izing the lamd. We've been hashing out ideas (granted, he's doing all the work) via e-mail today and yesterday. That rocks.

Started using e-mail notifications of CVS commits recently. Seems to be working well. We started with a basic mail script, but I stole a perl script that the Vorbis group uses to mail CVS notifications that sends out much more information. We'll see how that works out.

It seems that this perl script was originally written by someone at Cisco. Small world.

Back to the Myrinet RPI...

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