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Good thing we didn't do any theropy, Dave

Emacs "C-x v =" is your friend.

Went up to IU yesterday. I got all my paperwork sorted out, and got my accounts setup in indiana.edu. Sooner or later, jsquyres@indiana.edu will start working (I think it works now, but I'm not sure where it's forwarding to...). I saw several of our new machines (several sun blade 100's and some big Dells for linux and win2k). Jeremiah and Ron seem to be establishing themselves nicely at IU.

We discussed the LAM license issue for a while. Lummy wants (in order) one of the following: Clarified Artistic License, Apache, BSD/MIT. I'm not too personally fond of the CAL -- it seems to be a bit restrictive-sounding on the issue of distributing binaries. Apache is not GPL-compatible, so I think we need to ixnay that one because it might lock us out of some linux/BSD distributions. I would not mind a BSD/MIT license. We'll see how this plays out.

I found out that my Rasmus number is 2. It turns out that Todd went to both high school and university with Rasmus (the author of PHP). Todd even had an account on Rasmus' BBS back in their high school years. It's a small world.

I have switched to having my pine config on the IMAP server. I have found that there are three different places that I typically access my mail from: my desktop, my laptop, and one of the workstations at school (which share a common filesystem, so it doesn't matter which one it is). So whenever I update my pine configuration, I have to update it in three places. This has proved to be annoying, and I rarely remember to do it. End result: when I run pine on an nd.edu machine, I don't have much of the setup that I'm accustomed to. Bonk. So I uploaded it to the IMAP server and made an alias ("gpine") for the lengthy command line that is necessary to fire up pine and retrieve my config from the server. Seems to work quite nicely. Now, if only pine would support disconnected IMAP operation...

Still haven't figured out how to access whale.cs.indiana.edu (the CS IMAP server) -- it doesn't seem to accept my password.

More later...

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