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He's got a billion dollars! He could hire Steve Forbes as his cleaning lady.

Here I am in Atlanta.

Warning: this entry is almost totally random. Weak-minded readers, consider yourself warned.

I was sitting in the Louisville airport today, waiting for my flight to Atlanta (I'm so happy with direct flights. I'd like the think the person who invented them. Props!). I saw three women in BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform, for those of you who are uninformed -- or Army fatigues). One of them was addressing a group of obviously college-aged kids. She met them at the end of the terminal and was directing them were to go to catch some bus.

It wasn't until I saw her yellow and black armband that said "CAMP CHALLENGE" that I realized that the kids were all ROTC cadets reporting to Ft. Knox for fun in the sun. The women in BDUs were all spec-4s. I remember being confused by that rank -- they're not privates, they're not corporals, and they're not sergeants. "What is that funny little thing on their collars?", I used to wonder.

It took me a while to catch on that it was a real rank, not just an unusually uniform (yes, excuse the pun) patch of black on so many different people's BDUs. I was always the slow one in my family.

Great line: "She makes coffee nervous."

I'm here in Atlanta for my Army two weeks. Don't know what I'll be doing yet; I got some vague mention of "setting up distance learning", but that's all they told me before I got there (did I mention that before in the journal? If so, cope).

Suzanne sent me the recipe for her mother's Lebanese casserole. It has to be the most yummy food on the planet, I think. She makes it not-infrequently when I go up to SBN. Someday, I'll actually try to make it myself.

I found an outdated PHP header file that caused the search functionality off the main LAM mail archives page to break. A helpful LAM user pointed it out to me today. Oops!

I got my hair cut in preparation for my Army time. I wish the barber lady had left a little more on the top. Ah well. It will grow back.

My hotel room has ethernet. Thank goodness. I probably won't use it every day, since I start work tomorrow and will have internet access from the lab, but I have to say that it was quite convenient today.

I fixed a bunch of dumb errors in the lamtests suite today and caused a bunch of tests to hang when you ran them on more than 2 nodes. Thanks to a helpful LAM user for pointing this out.

That same users also pointed out that the spawn tests failed in the non-uniform filesystem case. Oops!

I recently accepted to buy 3 CDs from BMG in order to get 9 free. One of the three I even already owned (it was a special offer -- 3 specific CDs). The thing that I forgot was that BMG's selection totally sucks. I had to browse their entire "Modern Rock" section until I could find 9 CDs that I sorta kida would probably get if they were free. i.e., they definitely weren't on my "yeah, I'd like to get that" list.

I'll definitely quit BMG after I get these nine.

Another great line: "She's gone out to meet a bunch of bikers. Big ones. Full of sperm."

Time for sleep. Gotta report to duty tomorrow; I'm defending your country through distance learning!

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