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I took Miller and Johnson and squished 'em together and picked 'em apart and got... "Monsoon".

And so it goes.

I'm reading Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. A good book. I think I grok it.

When I debarked from my plane to Louisville on Friday afternoon, I turned my cell phone on. I wondered how long it would take for new voice mail messages to show up. When I turned it on, it showed no new messages. About 20 seconds later, BEEP!, and my messages arrived. Even though I'm familiar with the technology how it works, it's somehow amusing to me that the simple act of turning on my cell phone causes a database lookup on a voice mail server somewhere in the depths of the Verizon network.

Interestingly enough, the "you have voice mail" indicator lit up while I was in Atlanta last week. It used to only do that when I was in Louisville -- you could get voice mail from anywhere, but your phone would only alert you to new voice mails when you were in your "home" area. I wonder if that's nationwide now.

Jortney are now using squyres.com as a temporary home for their domain (and therefore e-mail) while they move into their new home. John is distressed because there's no broadband available where they're moving to. Sucks to be him. :-(

We bought patio furniture today. Woo hoo. (I didn't have too many opinions on this stuff; Tracy mostly picked it out) We also finally got blinds for our great room. I am actually pleased about that; it's the last window that we still had sheets hanging on.

I finally bought a headset for my cell phone today. It comes with a real headset-style over-the-head band thingy, but also converts to a clip-on-the-ear thingy. My C*'s called me today on my cell phone, so it proved to be an excellent opportunity to try it out. It works great, and is much more comfortable than holding the cell phone up to your ear, especially for those who are on the phone for non-trivial amounts of time. The only disadvantage is that it's a bit to big and fragile to shove in my back pocket with my cell phone if I want to go out, so it's really only useful for in the car. Perhaps I'll just keep it in my laptop case; it's not too inconvenient to switch to the headset during the middle of a call. They do have the small plug-in-your-ear kind that has a separate clip-on mike that you could shove in your pocket with your cell phone, but I generally don't like those things.

I converted the LAM ldogetlinks fiasco to use a single nsend. After thinking about the problem some more, I'm not sure that multi-threading the lamd would have fixed this problem. Hence, I just changed the protocol outright to be simpler (albeit less efficient). Hopefully, this will fix all of our woes (RH 7.1 tping and MPI_COMM_SPAWN_MULTIPLE).

Night fell, and the sun rose again. A new day.

Must work on my OER today, and then continue to work on the Myrinet RPI (haven't been able to work on that since mid-last week or so). I started to re-write it from scratch, and was coming up with a much, much simpler model, but was forced to ditch all of that because it would break our compatibility with our shared memory RPIs. Arrgh...

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