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I whipped Joe's ass

My kingdom for quickies!

Really able to simplify the Tuscon user interface. Now only need a "kernel" for input, worker, and output -- all buffer management (which is not trivial) is handled by the boilerplate input, worker, and output engines.

And it all works!!

Happy dance....

ps shows that I typically have between 60-100 processes running on queeg (i.e., just under the username jsquyres). Wow -- I guess I'm a busy guy!

Tuscon works in multi-level with no changes. Cool...

Army cushy job no more. I've been told that I must wear a uniform (class B) during my two weeks! Schnikies!! I suppose I shouldn't complain, though. They mentioned "distance learning" as what I might be doing. I guess I don't quite know what that means. We'll see...

Brian put in stuff to get LAM to compile psuedodaemons separately. Woo hoo!

Still having problems with myrinet RPI on Chiba City. Discovered that the head node doesn't work, but then again, there are some cases where the myrinet RPI doesn't work on the interactive nodes either.

Turns out that the tiny and short sizes were mixed up upon initial assignment, so short messages were effectively getting tagged as envelopes, which then caused short messages to get interpreted as envelopes, which just led to Badness. Arrgh!

Side effect that we didn't think of before, though -- since the user can override the tiny and short message sizes, what happens if log2(tiny) == log2(short)? Hmm. Need to investigate the gm tagging mechanism a bit more...

Dog was here. He saw the house, went to a convention, and then we all went to party at Janna's. It was much fun -- it was to celebrate Jim's 30th and getting his MBA.

Dog and I talked a bit about LAM and his MS this morning before he left.

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