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Dave, did you mom change her phone number again?

I heard on the radio that England's Queen Mum's birthday is this Saturday.

She'll be 101.

While driving to Bloomies yesterday, I heard Kevin Bacon and his brother (Michael?) sing some songs from their current album. They're surprisingly good musicians. They had some funny stories about their pasts and Kevin's movie career, too.

Lummy has been very pleased with his Linksys router that he uses to gateway his DSL traffic to his FAN (family area network). It doesn't show up at all to an nmap scan, but he can directly ssh to one of his internal boxen. It seems to be a fairly powerful firewall, allowing a variety of configurations including IP forwarding to up to 10 ports. Check it out.
So I bought one myself; it should be here in about a week. They have models with embedded 4 and 8 port switches, but I already have an 8 port switch, so I just got the single port version of this router. It will certainly be easier than maintaining that dual-NIC box that I have right now, and be [hopefully] more secure, on multiple levels.

I've received the SirCam virus from the same idiot (someone at @optonline.com) about 10 times so far. I've replied each time saying, "Update your anti-virus!", and I have started CC'ing the postmaster. A bunch of my replies have come back "Over quota". Idiot.

There's still a number of bugs left in OSCAR 1.1; I don't think we're going to make a release by Wednesday. :-(

It looks like the router in the engineering building at Notre Dame is fried somehow (engr-e06.gw.nd.edu) -- no traffic is able to get through it. This means that I can't get to my e-mail.


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