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I ate, drank, and slept Tap.

I found an old journal entry that I never finished... Since Telocity is having connectivity problems (first it was nd.edu this morning. Now Telocity. I was having shaky connections this morning, and now I can't connect to anything. Ugh.), I might as well finish this off even though the events are from about a week or two ago.

Random factoid that I learned today -- the first digit of IP addresses indicates whether the address was a class A, B, or C.

ND football lottery: Won Pitt, lost all others. Oh well; I'll still be a student at ND this upcoming fall, so I'll still get married student tix.

I'll see Rich tomorrow at the Open Source Conference.

I forgot to plug D's absurdly cool house-o-meter. http://www.kresge.com/hstat.html.
Tracy and I spent the day at lake w/ Janna and their new boat water skiing and tubing. Janna are good at skiing. I apparently had some spectacular "dismounts" from the tubing, including some uncontrolled cartwheels across the water. I somewhat hurt my left shoulder/bicep when I went over some huge bump (got airborne, too) on the tube. I also made the mistake of taking my shirt off to go swimming in the lake, and totally forgot to put sun tan lotion on my shoulders. Doh.

I fixed my car's stereo problem. The wiring was causing screeches -- whenever I went over a big bump, the exposed wires would brush up against the metal speaker casing, causing the screech. Funny, though, it didn't look like it had ever had insulation.

We got our tax rebate today -- I have to admit that I was a bit surprised. But hey -- cash is cash. (I've since deposited the check and it didn't bounce -- yay for the US government!)

Good quote from Brian: "Sandia: Summer camp with nukes."

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