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Kenau Reeves can't act

Did you ever notice how green looks absolutely nothing like red?

I got my 9 "free" CDs from BMG (had to pay shipping and handling). They suck. It was damn hard to find 9 CDs in their selection that I wanted. And some of them I didn't really want. Ugh. And I think I ended up with at least one Sara McLachlan CD that Tracy already has. Double ugh.

The script that we've been using for CVS diff mails doesn't handle binaries nicely. I discovered that when I checked in a powerpoint presentation the other day -- it sent the whole binary file in the e-mail.

I hacked it up a bit so that it doesn't do this anymore. Apparently, CVS won't tell you if a file is binary or not. So I had to add a list of filename extensions such that the script will check the incoming files to see if they match. If they do, no diff.

I sent the script back to the Vorbis folks (that's where we got it from in the first place), and they put it in use immediately.

Tracy and I went to a 4th of July picnic with the people on our street. Nice folks. Met a few of the kids, too. One guy (retired) worked in a tobacco factory for 35 years as a machinist. He had some interesting stories.

A fairly serious (but pretty small) bug was found in LAM's mpicc this past week such that it was necessary to release LAM 6.5.3. I rolled in a few more minor bug fixes as well -- most of them had to do with ROMIO (the bane of my existence).

I had a long and exhausting conversation with Trond from RedHat about building the RPMs. As a result, I slightly improved the spec file for LAM, and we finally violently agreed that having the LAM RPM built on a RH 6.2 machine means that the man pages and doc files will be installed in the wrong place when the RPM is installed on RH 7.x machines. If the RPM is built (or the SRPM is rebuilt) on a 7.0 machine, since we didn't hard-code any file locations, the man pages and doc files will magically end up in the Right Place.

I think that I finally have the gm (myrinet) RPI for LAM working. I found many, many bugs, and a bunch of things that just weren't implemented yet. It passes the entire test suite on the hydra, Babel, and Chiba City (finally). I didn't realize that the test suite was so thorough. Let's hope that it is really thorough, and it found all the bugs.

I had to patch up a lot of the "make dist" procedure to build the new tarball, especially the lamtests suite (because lamtests now uses its own automake build procedure).

I'll wait for a few more confirmations (mailed it to Brian, Joe, and Feldy); hopefully we'll release the beta early this week.

A /. article caught my eye this evening -- some guy was mad because he got cut off from Telocity DSL when Northpoint went out a few months ago, and Telocity just got around to asking for their gateway back (they send you a pre-paid airbill box, by the way). Admittedly, lousy accounting on Telocity's party -- Northpoint shut down quite a while ago. However, it might still be in the 6-8 week range, which is fairly normal for these kinds of things.

The /. article played up the fact that Telocity charges $500 if you don't return the modem.


It's right in the contract. And it only makes sense -- if they give you a modem for free, it certainly makes sense that they want it back when you discontinue service with them. I know that I was either told that or I read it in the terms of service when I signed up with Telocity (both times). So I have no sympathy for this guy if he either doesn't have the modem any more or hacked it up to play with it.

A few people said as much. A few others disagreed. Idiots. How can you disagree with something that you agreed to, even implicitly?

So I posted pretty much what I said here, plus a link to the Telocity TOS web page where it specifically states that you have to return the modem or pay $500. I actually got moderated up to a 4 (insightful). Although I've really only posted on /. a handful of other times, this is the first time that I've been moderated up. Amazing. I posted fairly quickly, used bad grammar, and the posting wasn't entirely clear. But I guess I had the facts on my side.

Johnney Mnemonic is on TNT tonight. This movie sucks. I just noticed that Sandoval from Earth: Final Conflict is in this movie. His acting hasn't improved at all. So is Izzy from Starship Troopers.

The movie still sucks.

But hey -- The Planet of the Apes w/ Marky Mark is coming! Looks pretty cool; I always enjoyed those movies. It makes me wanna watch The Big Hit.

We had a big (but short) storm here tonight -- rain was coming down in sheets. It's a good thing that I watered the lawn today.

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