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Chock Full of Notes

Some longer ones, some shorter ones, and some ones in the middle.

I saw Planet of the Apes tonight. Good flick, a little lacking in character development. Only thing in common with the original was the fact that it was a planet rules by apes and gorillas; most of the story was different. They didn't even make much of the class difference between the warrior class (gorillas) and the ruling class (apes); it was a much stronger theme in the original movies. I give it 10 minutes.

I also saw a preview of The Lord of the Rings. It's a three year project! They're doing all three books -- Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, and the Return of the King. LOR is scheduled to be out this December, TTT is supposed to be out December of 2002, and RotK is supposed to be out December of 2003.

Random note: the subtitle for The Hobbit is There and Back Again.

I got my PalmGlove today. I'm a little disappointed in that it has a snap cover instead of a velcro cover. It's also not quite as sleek as I thought it would be; I probably makes the pilot about twice as thick. But it's padded, and it should protect the pilot (which, as has been pointed out to me by several people, is something that I need). We'll see how it goes.

I had a busy 2 days at IU earlier this week. But I was able to take laptop home. Woo hoo!

On Monday, I had dinner w/ everyone, including Katie and Todd's friend, at a local brew pub. It was good company and conversation --
much fun was had by all.

We're setting up milliways to be our main server at IU. We came to good agreements w/ Rob in the IU/CS admin department about what they will do for us and what we will do for ourselves. It's very helpful to be able to speak sysadmin; we should be able to get along well with those guys.

We have to have a good portion of our web pages (read: everything except lam-mpi.org) down on milliways before the IPCRES rollout ceremony next week. Will likely have IMAP, SMTP, CVS, and other things setup by then as well.

I saw a roadmap presentation from Compaq about the alphas while I was there, mostly dealing with the future of alpha as it is intertwined with the itanium. It was NDA, so I can't say much, but it was interesting. We'll see what happens.

I bought an "A" parking permit for IU. Not as expensive as I thought, but it still wasn't cheap. And I'm not guaranteed a parking spot, either. Not like ND (plenty of parking, just perhaps farther away). City campuses are different, I guess.

Brian and Jeremiah labored to bring down, convert, and generally update the web pages from nd.edu to iu.edu. This was especially painful because some of the web pages are stored in the CVSROOTs of actual projects, not directly in the CVSROOT of the web pages. So we ended up bringing the entire CVSROOT down from nd.edu as well (which is probably a good thing).

I'm going to spend more time today fighting mailman and mhonarc setups on milliways. We're going to CVS our local setup so that things should be a bit more centralized this time.

Here's some quickies:

  • TNT is running a witchblade marathon tomorrow -- all 12 episodes, back to back. I missed the first 15 minutes of the first episode or so; I'll probably catch them then.

  • I committed a patch to xiph.org today. It's my first in a long time. It allows us Sun users to compile from CVS without being forced to use gcc/gmake. It was an automake thing, actually.

  • I'm working on the OSCAR 1.1 press release. It's like herding cats.

  • The power management settings still aren't right on my laptop; it doesn't quite suspend / restore properly yet. I finally found the script where all the magic happens; I may dwiddle around with it and figure it out over time.

  • I finally got and submitted paperwork to get paid for my Army time in December of 1999.

  • My dad noted that on my birthday a few days ago, this is a brief span of time where he is exactly (well, close enough) twice as old as I am: 30 and 60.

  • Ookiness with "#! /usr/bin/env python" and "#! /usr/bin/python" on RH 7.1 (i.e., milliways). It turns out that the former seg faults sometimes (took quite a while to figure that out). WTF?!?!?

  • JeffJournal has moved to lists.squyres.com in preparation for moving everything out of nd.edu.
  • Perk mailed asking about setting up his own DSL CAN. I think I sent him more information than he expected. :-)

  • Saw the DVD version of Apollo 13 last night w/ Tracy (she gave it to me for my birthday). It's a great "engineers rock!" film.

  • squyres.com continues to get hit by Code Red attempts. <sigh>

  • Don found a neat feature of OpenSSH that's quite helpful for squyres.com's setup. In the "Host" section of $HOME/.ssh/config you can not only list a different username, but a non-standard port as well. This even applies to scp; how cool is that? So I can add the following to my config file:

    Port 2222

  • gcc 3.0.1 came out this week. I can get it to build and install, but anything I compile with g++ seems to complain about missing symbols, and I can't quite figure out the problem. Oh well.

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