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Everything's kinda backed up in le-kitchen, Dave

I still didn't get to take my new laptop home from IU; paperwork is still progressing. :-(

Some quickies:

  • I love my DSL. I streamed some MP3s to my new laptop speakers in Bloomies from my home server.

  • I love the high speed ramp from I64 to I264 in Looieville. I don't even have to slow down from 75mph going from one highway to the next.

  • Tucson plows on. I've been doing some interesting development with it over the past 2 weeks. More details pending.

  • Here's an odd fact that surprised me: I actually have 13 Depeche Mode CDs (although 2 of those 13 are the second CD in a 2 disc set, and 1 is a single CD). This makes DM the artist that I have the most CDs of, by far. The next closest that I have is Peter Gabriel with 6, and Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and U2 with 5 (I think U2's got a new one out... hmmm...). Why the heck do I have so much SM and TA? However, I have a whopping 47 "various" compilation and soundtrack records; I think that that is what I have been spending the majority of my CD money in recent times.

  • I hear through the grapevine that Louii is getting married; the rumor is that she is marrying someone she met off the internet.

  • I converted my coderedwarn.pl script to send the vigilante script. How funny is that? I disabled it after a little while, just because it seems like a risky thing to do. But it's funny as hell...

  • I discovered by accident that pine has a threading mechanism. Who knew? Certainly not me. It's not quite nice (although perhaps this is just the nature of threaded indexes) in that a new message may appear anywhere in your index, possibly even in a previous screen. So you might not see new messages if they get threaded above the current screenfull of messages in your index. Additionally, there's no indenting (I think I've seen mutt and wanderlust do indenting), so other than looking at the messages above/below the current message, there's no good way to know where in the thread the message is.

  • Much consultation on the organization and design of OSCAR 2.0. We finally decided to have binaries not reside in CVS, but reside somewhere via HTTP instead (OSCAR's sourceforge page, for the moment). Stealing an idea from one of the other OSCAR developers, I setup an automake configuration that will do a wget for any files that you are missing after you do a cvs update. Nifty. So we still have version control -- sort of. The Makefile.am's are version controlled under CVS, and they list the binary files that were associated with each version. Not perfect, but it's better than nothing. And it's better than putting binary files in CVS.

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