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It's like a pastel black

Janna came over for dinner last weekend; that was fun.

Annoying Mozilla bug: accidentally added a server to the "block images from this server" list (that option is right below "view this image" on the right mouse click popup). Oops... didn't meant to do that. Let's go remove it. Took a little looking around to find the menu to remove servers from the "block images from this server" list, but I finally found it. I found the server in the list, selected it, and clicked on "Remove server". The server disappeared from the list, so I "Ok"ed out of the window and reloaded the web page. The image was still gone. Hmm. Go back to the "block images from this server" window -- yep, the server was still listed there. Repeat the whole procedure. Nope, the server is still on the list. Quit Mozilla and repeat the whole procedure. Nope, the server is still on the list. This is clearly a bug.

Luckily, this list is in a text file that I could go edit to remove the server from the list. But that was annoying. It's also fairly inconsistent with its behavior of various MIME types. You enter in an action and it doesn't seem to stick. I'm not gonna go into detail, but suffice it to say that it's fairly annoying. I find myself gravitating back to Netscape 4.77.

Found a bug in LAM's configure script that showed up when using autoconf 2.52 and the --without-romio switch. Suffice it to say that it was a combination of autoconf being "too smart" and us having an early test in the script inside of an "if" block. autoconf 2.52 moved up a bunch of setup kinds of tests to be inside the if block. So if you did --without-romio, all these setup tests would get skipped, and Much Badness would occur from there.

Took a while to figure that out, though...

The Pervasive Technology Labs rollout ceremony this past Tuesday seemed to go well. Lots of important people were there, including press, etc. I met and chatted with the folks from the other two labs to find out what they were about. Sounds like they are doing some interesting things; we'll probably be collaborating with them in the future. Should be interesting and fun.

We spent a good deal of time the week before moving a lot of stuff down from nd.edu to iu.edu. Our new home is http://www.osl.iu.edu -- the Open Systems Lab. It was actually fairly complicated and took a fair amount of coordination. Almost everything has been moved, with two notable exceptions:

  1. It seems that python is unhappy on milliways (our main server). Rob thinks it may have something to do with the fact that milliways is a linux SMP box. The following program sometimes core dumps:

     #! /usr/bin/env python
    print 'Hello, world'

    It even [sometimes] core dumps if you use /usr/bin/python instead of the env stuff. Weird.

  2. lam-mpi.org hasn't been moved down yet. Since that's not obviously in nd.edu, we let that one stay on ND servers for the time being, and concentrated on moving everything else before the rollout ceremony this past Tuesday.

During the last two weeks, I've gotten really stalled in my drive across Louisville to get to Bloomies. Perhaps it's because school has started again...? For example, this past week, it took me about 45 minutes to cross Louisville, where it usually only takes about 10. It's all highway, but the traffic has been slowed down to stop-and-go. Might have to leave a little earlier next time to see if that helps any.

George from UITS suggested an alternate route from Bloomies to I64. It takes about the same time as taking IN 46 to I64 (about an hour), but exits on I64 about 20 miles south of where IN 46 meets I64. So it's a net savings in distance. Yay George!

Back to work...

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