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Jeff's Journal

I broke off the cover to my palm m100 a few days ago.


So I ordered a PlamGlove cover. Should be here in a few days.

I still get oodles of phone calls for a Mr. Rogers. I think he must have owned the phone number before us. Very annoying.

If you ever see him, please tell him to stop having people call me.

They tell me that I'll be able to take home my new laptop and monitor from IU this week. Woo hoo!!

This is a good birthday present for me. :-)

To end further controversy in the US and abroad, I have decided to donate some of my stem cells for scientific research. All those scientists are saying that they need infant stem cells; people are constantly telling me that I have the mentality of an infant. Hence, I've must have what those scientists need.

Brian has none of his MP3s down at IU yet, so he's streaming from my DSL. Too funny! I love my DSL. :-)

I found and old book of "Lord of the Rings" recently. I couldn't find any copies of any of the other books, and I didn't really want to read that old book because it's kinda fragile. So I bought the entire Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series yesterday, and started reading The Hobbit. I remember the basic story, but it's been years since I've read these books.

I only realized after the fact that the movies are coming out in the not-too-distant future.

It turns out that my long-held suspicions were correct -- the dual NIC/IP forwarding setup on my former router linux box was killing the network periodically. Periodically, when I flooded too much traffic through the machine, it would just freeze up and be completely dead. This usually happened when, for example, I would buy a new CD, rip it into MP3s, and scp them to my server.

If I scp'ed 2-3 songs at a time, with a spacing of at least 15-30 minutes between each scp, I was fine. Anything more than that would risk a freezeup.

Well, now my server is no longer my router (got my cool linksys router for that now), my server only has one NIC setup and functioning. I just bought 3 CDs yesterday and ripped them to MP3s. I tried an experiment and scp'ed them to my server all at once --
worked without a problem. So I don't know exactly what it was in the dual NIC/IP forwarding that cause it to barf (heck, it has a pretty old kernel -- 2.2.something), so it's quite possible that whatever the problem is has been fixed/replaced in the 2.4 series (they re-wrote much of that stuff in 2.4.x).

Here's the CDs that I bought:

  • The Crystal Method, The Crystal Method: Pretty cool stuff. I had several Crystal Method songs on various mix CDs that I already owned, and bought this CD on the fact that I liked those songs. Their songs are a pretty good, not total spazoid, but have good energy and techno beat. If I had to give it a genre name, I'd have to call it "mellow techno". Cool stuff. It's good coding music.

  • Fatboy Slim, A Break from the Norm: A little disappointing. It's samples from older songs, and generally slower stuff. Not really what I was expecting, but I guess it's still ok. It won't make it onto my high-rotation list, but I'll probably still listen to it now and again.

  • U2: All that You Can't Leave Behind: U2 is just getting more and more pop-ish. It's ok, but it won't get played much.

A friend of mine recently unexpectedly became unemployed. Please keep this person in your thoughts and prayers.

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