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This office isn't big enough for two weird guys!

I think that insects need to form a "no fly zone" and/or an air traffic control system over human automobile highways.

We'd all be much happier if they just organized and did this; my car wouldn't get nearly as dirty, and less bugs would die.

Heck, if nothing else, why doesn't Darwinism produce smarter bugs that instinctively know to stay away from highways?

Another question -- why does fast food taste so horrible when it's cold? That is, it tastes 37% worse than normal (non-fast food) does when it's cold. Why the disparity?

Does it always taste bad, but when it's hot, we're so concerned with not burning our mouths that it goes down so fast that we don't notice?

I tried switching to mozilla 0.9.3 'cause they claim it's more stable than netscape 4.77. Although it hasn't crashed on any of the things that mozilla has previously crashed on (SSL pages at USAA, LSC page, LAM/MPI page, etc.), it's still not 100% stable. I find myself switching back to Netscape periodically because mozilla won't load or render a page correctly. We'll see how it goes. I deleted oodles of cookies, and am denying cookies to advertising sites left and right, which is nice.

Here's a few bugs that I've noticed:

  • seems to have problems w/ typing in urls
  • doesn't bring up entering/exiting ssl notice until after page is
    fully loaded/displayed
  • doesn't always print properly, eg:
  • cache behavior seems funny; sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn't
    get changes
  • sometimes it stalls resolving IP names, even though "dig" on the
    name responds immediately

It has a neat feature to block images from a given web server. My excite pages now have remarkably few advertising banners on them. Cool! (One has to be selective, though -- you can't just block all banners, because some of them actually come from servers were you do want to receive other images. Slashdot does this, for example).

Tracy and I watched the DVD of "The Emperor's New Groove" the other day. A fun little movie; it's all about Llamas. Being a Llama myself, I laughed a good deal at the llama jokes.

I got a new laptop, but then had to leave it at IU. Doh. :-( It seems that they hadn't gotten the paperwork for me to take the laptop home straightened out yet. Hopefully, it'll be worked out when I'm up there next week.

I configured it all up; it's great. 900Mhz PIII, 14.1 inch SXGA TFT (1400x1050 -- wow), 128MB RAM, 20GB. It came w/ 'doze ME, which I promptly erased (am I eligible for the MS refund?). I loaded up Mandrake 8.0 on it, as well as VMware, in which I loaded Windows 2k and Office 2k (bought at the IU bookstore for $5 and $10, respectively).

Some random things learned:

  • sendmail needs the hostname in /etc/hosts, and mandrake didn't put
    it in there (weird)
  • mandrake automatically correctly identified the "dma=1" switch for
  • 1400x1050 resolution looks great (had to do a web search and find
    someone who figured out the right XF86Config stuff)
  • vmware bridged networking doesn't play nicely with wireless. Doh.
  • resierfs doesn't allow files greater than 2GB (e.g., vmware virtual
    disks). Doh. :-(

I finally caught up w/ Eileen while I was at IU (she and I were both at ND in grad school together; I probably only met her a handful of times at ND, but we have a bunch of mutual friends and common history at ND). We had a great dinner and corresponding conversation. I helped her pick out a new Dell laptop for work (she's faculty at IU in the Latin Studies department), and inadvertently convinced her to buy a Palm m100.

Her new m100 arrived today (Friday), and she's been playing with it. I've already sent her the , and strongly recommended the parens calculator and DateBk4 apps.

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