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But hey, at least we had positive offensive yards...

Got a voltmeter today so that I could measure the input to my server so that I can get a UPS.

Since queeg died, and I'm really under the gun to get the LAM paper out, I decided to postpone recovery operations until later and work solely off my laptop for the time being.

I hooked up my docking station and whatnot (so that I could use a full sized keyboard and mouse), plugged in my laptop, and turned it on. First problem -- the monitor is a different (smaller) resolution than my laptop.

Ugh. This means figuring out all the X thingies such that I can easily swap between two different monitors. Brian pointed me towards a yahoo list that is specifically for linux on dell laptops, and a quick search shows that others are using the docking station ("Advanced Port Replicator", in Dell nomenclature), so I'm sure that either the answer or some good clues can be found in there somewhere.

Ok, not enough time to do that right now, so I just pulled the laptop out and continued working with the laptop keyboard and mouse.

I had the beginnings of another journal entry started yesterday, but I think it got lost because I logged out/turned off my laptop without quitting jjc. Doh!

I'm gonna have to do something about that, 'cause with my docking station, I'll apparently be doing this a lot (you have to power cycle when you put it in / take it out; kind of a bummer but oh well).

Although I did find (after the fact, of course) that the temp files for jjc are still around, so i can use those to recover.


I've experienced some angst trying to get PGP to work under Mandrake 8.0. The PGP binaries don't work because they require some older version of libstdc++.so. The sources don't compile (it looks like some OS data structures changed).

I finally investigated using gnupg, and it has a direct import feature. Woo hoo! It'll probably less flaky than PGP 6.5.8 (the linux version, anyway -- I think NAI didn't try to hard with that linux version), and it seems to have a lot more features. So I imported all my keys, deleted some old keys, added some of my new e-mail addresses to my key, and I'll probably convert my e-mail setup to use gpg everywhere now.

Quote of the ND game today:

There were a lot of close games across the country today; this isn't one of them.

And even after that, ABC left the ND game before it was over, I think because it was halfway through the 4th quarter and it was totally hopeless.

Woof. A depressing game to watch. Renzo was there, too. I hope we get better by the end of the season. It is true that we have had a really hard schedule so far, so perhaps we can actually get a few wins under our belt by the end of the season.

Davie has just got to go. I hear that he is just barely above Faust's record. Wow.

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