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I don't ever want to hear about footwear from you again. Don't even talk to me about socks.

I got sick of mis-typing in my horizontal bar tokens (normally it's "=====" on a line by itself, sometimes I would type 4 or 6 dashes instead of 5, or put a space at the end, or something else equally dumb.

So I hacked out a 5 minute extension yesterday that will search for such things and warn me about it before I submit.

Perk is finally moving his virtual life completely over to his new grad school. I got the obligatory "don't use my nd.edu e-mail address anymore..." e-mail yesterday. Good luck, Perk!

We've been having conversations about his setup over at UCSB recently as well. He had really bad luck with 2 linksys DSL routers. Big bummer. They both malfunctioned in exactly the same way, and we could come up with no reason for it. They weren't consistent failures, either -- they would only sometimes fail, which made it all the more difficult to track down.

He finally got a different brand router and it worked just fine.

My best guess is that he got 2 routers from the same bad batch; I have one of these exact same routers and I know several others do to, and we have no such problems. But that's total speculation; I have no idea why his 2 routers failed.

We've also been discussing the wonders of the pine mail/news reader. pine rocks -- there are so many features! Most of them are disabled by default, though -- you have to find them and turn them on. For example, I'm a big fan of the one-global-addressbook-thats-stored-on-my-IMAP-server feature. Similarly, I love the one-config-file-thats-stored-on-my-IMAP-server feature. This allows me to use pine anywhere and use the same config and addressbook. This is extremely handy.

In light of my woes with getting the linux PGP to work on recent distributions, I just converted to using (gpg) instead. Heck, there was nothing else to do during the ND game yesterday...

gpg compiles everywhere (but only with gcc on Solaris... grrr...), and has a direct import of PGP keys (they might even be the same file format -- I dunno. All I know is that I "imported" them and it worked like a champ). I switched over my pine config to use gpg (actually, I switch over the helper scripts, and just updated the paths in my pine config file). Related to that...

Although the config-file-stored-on-the-IMAP-server is a great feature, there is one aspect of it that I don't like. If you want to supply any auxiliary helper commands (such as PGP encrypt/decrypt), you have to specify the absolute pathname. You cannot use a relative pathname. This is really annoying when using the same pine config file on multiple architectures and/or multiple sites where the same executable may be located in different places.

For example, my PGP helper script on my laptop is:


But at IU, my $HOME is different:


I finally found a way around this. It turns out that you can specify multiple input/output filters in pine. At run time, pine will only show the ones that exist on the machine that you are currently running on. This is somewhat klunky, but it works.

I'd much rather have some kind of "local override" such that you can have a global config file with a small number of local overrides to the global settings -- the pathname to the input/output filters is a perfect example.

Another extremely handy thing for those of you who have to login to lots of different sites -- CVS your dot files. I have my .tcshrc, .login, .logout (and so on) all under CVS. They're conveniently split into "global" and "local" parts, so that the global config applies everywhere, and you can have local overrides (just like what I want with pine config).

So when I login to a new machine, I cvs checkout, logout, log back in, and I get my normal shell prompt, all my aliases, etc.

Extremely handy.

And when I make a change to my config files, I just cvs update everywhere, and I get all the changes. No need to keep track of where has been updated and where hasn't -- CVS takes care of it for me.

It turns out that my DSL server draws...


Literally right as I was about to measure the power on my server so that I could go buy a UPS today, the power went out.

Is that bad karma, or what?

I guess this journal entry will have to sit for a little while longer before it gets sent in (good thing I'm on a laptop with a battery, eh?).

...a little over an hour later, power came back, so I'll submit this entry.

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