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It's a loooooooooove seat!

This is the third time I've tried this journal entry.

I have found that jjc doesn't catch the fact that X quits and therefore doesn't save the half-typed entry. Doh!

Quote of the week:

I hear what you're saying, I'm just not interested.

Another great quote -- Brian found this one when he was reading papers about fault tolerant message passing systems:

[Unnamed software project] is mostly written in OCaml, and is therefore highly portable, although the current version only runs on Linux with either Fast Ethernet or Myrinet

It amazes me that computer scientists get away with writing these kinds of statements. OCaml == "highly portable"? Only Linux/Ethernet/Myrinet == "highly portable"?

Totally, totally, lame.

Stupid ABC.

They advertised that they were going to carry the whole ND/Aggie game today. But of course, the stupid KSU/OU game ran over, and so we missed just about the whole first half. Not that we missed much, but still...

The solution: RealAudio streaming. After trying for 5 minutes to get it to work properly on my Linux laptop, I gave up and we went to the windoze desktop upstairs (which worked like a champ right away). Yet another reason that Linux is not yet ready for the Common User.

Although I do feel compelled to mention that many Windoze problems also cause horridness, too -- all things being equal, I still wouldn't use Windoze because it generally sucks more. A lot more, actually.

Anyway, I eventually got RealAudio working, but not without a little struggle. Ugh.

queeg is still down, so I'm gonna submit this entry before I lose it.

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