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More aftermath

Just a quick journal entry to answer a question that many have asked me over the past 24 hours...

Many friends and family have anxiously asked if I am being activated in response to the terrorist attacks on the US yesterday.

The short answer: no. I am a computer geek; there's little that I could do to help in a situation like this. I highly doubt that I will be activated because of what happened yesterday. Never say "never", of course, but strongly doubt that it will happen.

I do really appreciate the concern, however. It's touching to know that many people know and care about Tracy and I; thank you so much for asking.

Clan Squyres was fortunate enough to be unscathed by yesterday's events [at least directly]. Cousin Maggie and Uncle Jim are all safe and sound. Deyun, and old-time LSC'er, works right near the towers, but is also safe.

Remember: refuse to submit to the terror. Today is a new day. In many ways, the world is different than it was yesterday, but it is still a new day. And that is something.

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