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No one hears your screams

I heard a dance mix version of November Rain today (by Guns and Roses).


Last night, I finished working on queeg (my desktop machine here at home) somewhere between 11pm and midnight, turned off the monitor, and went to bed. This is fairly normal for me; queeg runs 24/7 and generally only gets rebooted at power failures.

I woke up this morning, turned on the monitor, and tried to fire up pine (my mail program). It just sat there. Weird.

I hit ctrl-C a few times, but to no avail. WTF?

I tried some other commands, some of which hung, others of which managed to run. ps in particular shows that there were schloads of CROND processes running. WTF?!?!

So I logout of X.

Nothing. It freezes while trying to quit X. ARRGGHHH!!!

Ctrl-alt-bk does nothing either.

Ctrl-alt-del does nothing either.

Serious error.
Linux refuses to work.
Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

So I power cycle the machine.

    Invalid session number of type of track
    Checking ReiserFS transaction log (device 03:05) ...
    attempt to access beyond end of device
    [...other ReiserFS badness messages...]
    Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount route fs on 03:05 

And so linux refuses to boot.


ReiserFS crashed,
Killing the root filesystem
No one hears your screams

This is really what I needed today.

I had a journal entry half-typed on queeg (my desktop machine at home), but that's now gone. Bonk.

Even worse, I had oodles of changes for the LAM paper on the local hard drive of queeg which are now effectively lost.

A file that big?
It might be very useful.
But now it is gone.
Having been erased,
The document you're seeking
Must now be retyped

A new version of Mandrake is out (8.1). I am considering installing it 'cause I have noticed a few bugs in 8.0, plus all the normal updates and whatnot. In light of my current ReiserFS problems (and general Bad Things that I have heard about ReiserFS over the past several months), I'd really like to switch to EXT3.

So I might try to find a few hours over the next week or two and reinstall my laptop.

Since 8.1 had literally just been released, it took quite a while to find an FTP server yesterday that had all three ISO images for the 3 Mandrake CDs. I downloaded all three, but they're sitting on queeg's now-defunct hard drive. <sigh>

This morning, I happened to notice that there's two 'drake mirrors in indiana.edu. Woo hoo! I downloaded all three ISOs to my local IU account and in an amazing 10 minutes. I put them up on my local web page, and am now streaming them to DSL server so that I can burn them onto CDs. I'm getting a pretty good download rate from IU --
146KB/sec (and it's slowly going up).

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