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Once you envision Lord Vader as McNemara, it all falls into place.

Checking my logs since May 4th, Telocity has provided me with a total uptime of 88% (this is with 214,056 data points).

This means that I was able to ping my DNS server (a Telocity machine), Excite, and Notre Dame 88% of the time.

Adding in the times where only 2 of those conditions were met, it's closer to 95% (for example, there have been many times when ND wasn't reachable, but that was through no fault of Telocity).

95% is pretty darn good for a home-subscriber DSL, actually. 95%
is actually a total of 18.25 days down out of every year, and that's not really all that good, but for a home-based service, that's a heckuva lot better than what most other companies provide!

Spent most of the weekend writing the Sandia LAM doc. Woof. Had a big pow-wow w/ Brian and Andy to hash out more of the plan on Monday afternoon.

Found a possible culprit for my web server going bonkers -- power failures in Louisville. It happened again yesterday -- DSL worked fine in the morning, but when I got to Bloomies, I got no love when trying to connect to squyres.com. Doh!

When Tracy got home, queeg had been rebooted, and the server was hung. So I think it was a "quickie" power blip that caused queeg to reboot properly, but only caused the server to go catatonic and not fully reboot properly. Hmm. Might need to buy a cheapie UPS or something.

As a result, I'm downloading a bunch of mp3's to my laptop from my server. This will allow me to listen to my mp3s:

  • When squyres.com is down
  • When I'm not connected to a network

Tunes for life!

Had a pow-wow for the OSL today about what the vision for the lab was, etc. It was a good synchronization point for all of us. For any of you outsiders reading this, go read our web page: http://www.osl.iu.edu/. :-)

Back to the LAM document...

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