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Who is Nixon? Yoda. Yoda was a muppet.

I had a fairly lengthy journal entry about Terry's wedding this past weekend, and it got lost. :-(

It was a great weekend; Tracy and I flew to Baltimore last Thursday (no problem), and then drove to Philly. We met with friends and family all weekend. If I tried to explain all the inside jokes and family one liners, it wouldn't work at all.

Suffice it to say that the ceremony was great, Terry and Alan are now married, and a new family legend was born: my teenage cousin Patrick was bawling his eyes out on the altar.

Tracy and I caught Terry and Alan on Sunday morning before they left for their honeymoon, and then drove back to Baltimore and flew back to Louisville (again, no real problems).

A good weekend. Now I have another brother.

Brian and I tied up a bunch of loose ends in LAM. Including the infamous "set_stdio" problem that has been plaguing us for weeks --
we've just never had time to look into it properly. A helpful LAM user supplied us with a key hint that I don't know how long it would have taken us to figure out if he hadn't told it to us. The problem was a faulty socket.h in RedHat 7.1, such that the setup for a STREAMS control message was broken for non-gcc compilers because it was missing a key preprocessor protection block. Blech.

Rich's work at Sun is now finally public. Very cool stuff:


Still working on the LAM paper.

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