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You got fired from Lucky Burger? How humilating!

The previous owner of my phone number -- Shelby R. -- is the bane of my existence. I keep getting calls for him.


Got several new CDs:

  • The Crystal Method: Tweekend
  • The Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole
  • Juno Reactor: Bible of Dreams
  • ATB / George Acosta: Trance Nation / America Two

I haven't had a chance to listen to them all thoroughly yet, but they all sounds pretty promising. Tweekend, in particular, is pretty cool.

I still get one to two dozen hits of Code Red each day.

Gotta seed my lawn this weekend. Ugh.

I talked to Kevin Barker this week, which was cool. We talked about all kinds of things, like his upcoming Ph.D. proposal, C++ Friday lunch, linksys DSL routers, and lots of random Notre Dame and William and Mary gossip to include lots of laughs. It was good to talk to Kevin again.

I had a long chat w/ Brian about our plans for fault tolerance in LAM/MPI. It seems that I never filled him in on some of the discussions that Lummy and I have had, as well as some of the thoughts that I've had on the subject. Whoops; my [big] bad. I think that this happened because of the whole distance thing -- imagine three corners of a triangle. Communications along one leg does not imply communications along the other two legs.

When each of the corners are physically separated from the others, it makes it difficult to keep track of communications that occurred between any pair of corners. We'll have to work on that.

We have to spend the rest of the weekend working on a document about Brian's work at Sandia; gotta get it to Brian's boss very early next week.

The OSCAR meeting at IU went very well. While much remains to be decided, many topics were hashed out, thrown out, new ideas introduced, etc. It was a good working meeting. It very much reminded me of the MPI forum meetings, but with less people.

We might have another meeting at IU in about 2 weeks, but it's not completely clear yet.

An unexpected effect from the WTC attack this past week...

My church here in Louisville has DSL; I helped them set it up a few months ago. On Thursday evening, they dropped off the air; I sent something to one of their mailing lists and wondered why it hadn't showed up 30 minutes later. I then checked the web site, and saw that the name wasn't even resolvable. Doh!

After a while, it dawned on me that the DSL company, Intercom Online, is located somewhere in New York City. A whois confirmed this, which I cross-referenced with mapquest. Sure enough, they're only a few blocks away from the WTC.

Even worse, on Friday morning, I got the LSC mail server nightly report that said that it rejected a bunch of mails from intercom.com because the domainname didn't resolve (a common anti-spam tactic). Doh! I assume that this (or something similar) had happened because they sent mails after their DNS servers had failed.

I had heard stories of ISPs in lower Manhattan who were dropping off the air on Thursday because their backup generators ran out of gas, and the lack of civilian traffic in lower Manhattan prohibited them from getting any more. I assumed that this is what had happened to Intercom Online.

A few panicked calls to Dog and Curt later, I had that anti-spam tactic temporarily disabled on the LSC mail server so that if the mails eventually tried to be resent again (e.g., if they were already delivered halfway to me to some intermediary server that was not down, and would eventually be retransmitted), they wouldn't be rejected.

This morning (Saturday), I got all the back e-mails in addition to one more status message from Intercom Online. It seems that a water pump failed in their backup generator on Thursday evening, and they had to have a new one shipped in. Given the state of disarray in NYC, it took about 36 hours to get a new one shipped in, setup, and functioning. They restored services very early on Saturday morning.

On the one hand, they're a business. My church paid for services, and we should expect nothing less than exemplary service from them (I'll tell you -- those services aren't cheap!). Indeed, none of the church staff has internet access on Thursday evening or Friday, and it was an impediment to their normal business. So going to extraordinary measures to keep service running is what we should expect.

But then again, given all that is going on in NYC right now, I think one day of inconvenience and lack of internet is absolutely nothing compared to what those folks must be going through. Indeed, with all the tragedy and strife in NYC at the moment, these people are professional enough to go to extraordinary measures and spend even more time away from their families in order to restore services to their customers.

And that's amazing.

So major props to Intercom Online. Thanks. While we certainly greatly appreciate your efforts, we're more happy that you're all apparently safe.

I went to give blood yesterday at the GE blood drive. Here's the results:

  • Time elapsed: 5 hours
  • Needle holes in my right arm: 2
  • Needle holes in my left arm: 1
  • Bruises on my arms: 2 (around the needle holes)
  • Blood given: much less than 1 pint
  • Free dinner: consumed

So I tried to do my citizen-ly duty, but my blood somehow wouldn't flow into the darned bag. It apparently flowed out into the rest of my arm (i.e., the bruises). Doh. :-(

Go give blood.

Pine 4.40 is out. It built fairly easily, in contrast to previous attempts. I credit this to the fact that SSL is built into the source code itself -- for Linux, I just did "./build slx SSLTYPE=unix". But I did have to edit imap/c-client/OSCFLAGS to have the right -I flags for where the OpenSSL include files live.

On to the LAM/Sandia document...

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