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Copy that, Doug, but we have lost interest in peas -- repeat we have lost interest in peas. Over and out from canned goods.

Got the new Mozilla today -- 0.9.5.

Still has the text focus problems. I've also hit a page or two that didn't work properly (telocity.com's signin page didn't work for some reason), but I do the majority of my browsing through it these days.

I finally hooked up the serial line from my UPS to my DSL server today. I used the genpowerd package that someone wrote (http://freshmeat.net/projects/genpower/) for the actual monitoring. It dumps things into syslog, so I'll see if I'm having any dirty power issues.

I also moved my DSL modem a few feet away from the server, switch, and UPS. We'll see if that helps the stability of my DSL modem.

I gave my dad a primitive way to upload images to my DSL server so that he could make them show up on http://www.squyres.com/~mike/pictures/, but he somehow managed to delete my index.php that did the upload.


This from the guy (back in the early 80s) who, when he got his first unix machine (actually, a Xenix machine), decided that he didn't like the name "root", and used the included user-management tool to change it to "mike". The machine started acting strangely after this, so he rebooted it and was rewarded with the message "No root!" repeated, over and over again. He had to call tech support and describe what he did. Astounded, they had to ask, "You did what?!?" Much laughter.

Modern Unix systems don't depend on the name root, and who would have thought that that would hose the entire system, but it's still pretty funny. :-)

Anyway, I finally spent the time again today to re-figure out how to do HTTP file uploads with PHP. It turns out that this is key in your HTML:


The enctype part is pretty critical.

The company that I bought by printer replacement part from (http://www.fixyourprinter.com/) seems to be off the air -- the web site has been down for a while now. The name still resolves, but there's no web server on the other end.

I wonder if I was their last customer...?

The ND game was not on here in Louisville for its first hour (nor via PPV), so I listened via real audio again. The real audio seems to lag AM radio by about 30 seconds. I can hear Tracy down the hall swear and then about 30 seconds later find out what she is annoyed about (yet another Irish interception, <sigh>).

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