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Dave, I don't look good poor.

Funny quote that I saw on a t-shirt yesterday:

rm -rf /bin/laden

Got a UPS from Best Buy. Plugged it in, turned it on, no power light. Plugging things into the sockets didn't get power. <sigh>

I returned the UPS to Best Buy and exchanged it for another. This one worked without a problem. It's fishy, though -- this new UPS has a telephone cord in it (the UPS also acts as a surge protector, and has plugs to surge protect the phone line as well), and my original one didn't. Makes me think that someone bought the thing before, it didn't work, and they returned it to Best Buy...

I hooked my server and my DSL modem up to the UPS (after charging the UPS' battery), and it seems to work fine. I disconnected the power to the UPS and the server and modem continued working fine. Cool.

This should help because I suspect that some of the problems that I've been seeing lately (DSL modem hanging, server hanging) are due to power brownouts.

The UPS has a serial out as well, so that I can connect it to the server and make it automatically shut down. I haven't had a chance to look into that yet, but I will soon. I see that there's various linux packages out there to handle this kind of thing.

Saw ABC's new show Alias. Looks pretty interesting. As Tracy said, "you love all that conspiracy crap."

I guess I do. :-)

Got a whole bunch of pictures developed at Meijer. Never again. They screwed up a whole bunch of pictures (double exposed, etc.). I know that it was their error and not ours because we got CDs of the pictures as well, and the pictures are [mostly] ok there. <sigh>

Some of the pictures are from some very old film -- I even had some old shots from Berkeley. It's amusing 'cause I bought a disposable camera while in Berkeley, and didn't notice that it was a "Celebrate 2000!" camera that put captions and graphics on the bottoms of each picture. Doh!

So the new pictures are up at http://jeff.squyres.com/pictures/. The new items are: Berkeley, House, Old Looieville apartment, and Trip to San Francisco.

Lesson learned today: M-x ispell-buffer sucks.

Never run ispell (a popular unix spelling checker) in latex mode in emacs. It misses many, many things. I don't know if there is a particular reason why it misses things, or if you can code up your latex such that it won't miss things. <shrug>

I learned this by having Lummy point out numerous spelling errors and typos in the LAM paper today, on files that I was sure that I had run M-x ispell-buffer on. I ran M-x ispell-buffer on them again, and they came up dry when I could plainly see the mistakes in the text. I double checked my private dictionary and none of those [mistake] words were in there.

I ran ispell outside of emacs and it found/corrected all the errors. Arrggh!!

Part of the niceness of running ispell in emacs is that it will skip all (well, most) of the latex formatting commands. So now you have to skip them manually. Arrgh.

I added the {shrug} function to jjc today.

I got a replacement paper handling pad thingy for my laser printer today. It was rather difficult to install. More specifically, it was rather difficult to get the old pad out (had to use a utility knife).

Hopefully, this new pad will fix the multiple-sheet-feed problems I've been having with this printer for quite a while. I got really fed up the other day when I printed off a 40 page document on my printer and it took forever because I had to individually feed each sheet. Takes a lot of effort and continued participating on my part, too, which is not desirable.

I asked about printers to a bunch of friends and got a bunch of recommendations. It turns out that in general, vertical sheet feeders (which I have -- the HP LaserJet 1100) suck. I have no other problems with my printer itself -- it prints fine. I'm not too worried about its speed, either. I just want to be able to print documents and not have to be involved with every sheet. The next laser that I buy will probably have a horizontal feed tray.

Funniest comment from the recommendations of my friends:

"I have a HP LaserJet 4100 at home (that's probably a bit too much). ... I have noticed that when I print, the lights dim."

Anyway, I was getting fairly despondent and resigning myself to shelling out a few hundred dollars to buy a new printer when Johnney pointed out a handy web site: http://fixyourprinter.com/. It had a replacement part for exactly the problem that I am having (multiple sheet feeds). And it was only about $25. So I ordered it.

It seems to be a mom-and-pop organization, but the replacement pad came in about a day or two. As I said above, I put it in last night. It seems to work; we'll see how it holds up. I'll keep the journal updated, 'cause if it works, it saved me hundreds of dollars!

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