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Dave, I have been working here three years, and I have been thrice shafted.

I did it today; I switched my home page from Excite to Yahoo!.

I guess the elimination of ZDNet news did it for me. Plus they started pop-under ads. So they're no better than Yahoo! w.r.t. ads, and Yahoo! a) still has ZDNet news, and b) I have a good friend working there, I have no excuse not to have http://my.yahoo.com/ as my home page.

We'll see how it works out.

Wow -- I got a mail from Scott Adams today!

A while ago, I submitted a story about Induhviduals. Here's what I sent to Scott:

There must be induhviduals in the tech support center of my internet service provider. Here's an e-mail that I received from them recently:
"We are currently writing this to confirm the status of your DSL service. We are aware that some of you are currently down and we are working to resolve the issues. If you are currently down please respond to this Email..."

If my connection to the internet was down, how, exactly, would I either receive or reply to the e-mail?

How cool would be it if it got published in the next DNRC newsletter?

Answer: very cool!

I can't believe the talk about a national ID system for the USA. Is anyone else scared?

I have visions of "Papers, please!"

And how, exactly, will a national ID system prevent terrorism?

The only thing that a national ID system will do is allow the government to track innocent citizens closer. The potential for misuse here is amazing. And there's the whole security-of-the-national-ID-database issue, too. If the IRS can't keep its computers safe, what do you think the chances of the national ID database (where all your personal, private information is stored, by the way) being kept secure are?

Trust me -- I know the computer geeks in our government. There's not enough good ones to keep our personal data safe.

I'm scared.

I just noticed that 'drake 8.1 fixed a major problem that I had in 'drake 8.0. I have my pine setup such that I can link from URLs in e-mails to netscape (yes, this is quite a common feature for most mailers, but it's a little wonky for a text-based green screen e-mail client).

This link took the form of an outside script that calls 'netscape
-remote "openURL(url)"
'. This didn't work in Mandrake 8.0 for some reason -- it would give some bizarre X error about no children on the same display.

But it works again in 8.1. Woo hoo!

Linking to a browser from e-mail is soooo time-saving (rather than cutting the URL from the mail client and pasting it into the browser). I'm extremely happy that it works again!

I was in Wallgreens earlier this week and bought two of cheapie their scented candles on a whim. They're in little clear glass jars.

It's kinda interesting to watch them burn -- the wax actually liquefies (sp?) and sits there while the wick burns, slowly evaporating / vaporizing / whatevering. Looks kinda cool to see the top 1/3 of a candle as liquid.

Smells nice, too.

I got a new flavor of spam today -- maybe others have gotten this before, but I'm pretty sure that it's the first time that I've gotten spam like this.

It pretended to be a mail intended for someone else -- a mail apparently intended for a friend telling them about "this great deal" that they found. It even included supposedly personal details like coming over for dinner later.

Spammers continually find new lows. How do they sleep at night?

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