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I call it my "Deluxe Severance Package"

Doh. I left Looieville in a rush today and totally forgot to bring the tape of last week's Enterprise episode for Brian, and, even more importantly, forgot to bring my WAP for tomorrow's OSCAR working meeting.


After much deliberation, Brian and I finally solved the problem by going out and buying a linksys DSL router/switch/WAP at a local Circuit City. After this meeting, it will be going to Brian's dad in South Bend. :-)

Perk is getting into the wonders of IMAP.

Mmmm..... IMAP......

Some beer, some laughs, and a lot of technical discussions later, it's now after the OSCAR IU meeting. We had three teleconferences during the 2 day session to mix with the other developers who couldn't be there.

In short, it was a good meeting, and much was accomplished. There's still oodles to be done, but we finally have a set of concrete stakes in the ground to move on from.

I downloaded Star Office today, just for the helluvit. We'll see if it's worthwhile.

I've found an annoying feature in Mozilla -- if you're in a different virtual desktop and a popup dialogue box appears from Mozilla itself (say, asking about cookies or moving between SSL/non-SSL pages), it will take control of the window manager and switch back to the virtual desktop where Mozilla lives.

That's quite annoying. I wonder if there's an [undocumented or poorly documented] way to disable that?

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