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It's got 42 snaps right now, but I want to get it to 47 because that's a prime number.

Mozilla 0.9.4 sucks at showing error messages.

It just stops and says "document done" and doesn't move off the current page -- it doesn't even tell you that they was an error.


I upgraded to the 'drake cooker 0.9.5, and the problem still exists. Bah.

But it does have a nicer fonts package -- my.yahoo.com looks decidedly better.

Romi stopped by on her way to Columbus, OH, yesterday. She's heading there to finish up her post-doc -- she left it in order to take a position at Rhodes College. It was good to see her; we had dinner at our house and Tracy and I showed he the wedding pictures.

Then Notre Dame lost to Boston College. <sigh> http://www.dumpdavie.net/.

Alias was cool tonight. I think I like that show -- it's getting a little predictable, but I the twists and turns are kinda nice.

Emacs 21 seems to not highlight .tex documents for some reason.

It also doesn't seem to want to indent configure.in files -- it somehow mistakenly identifies them as tcsh shell script files. Doh.

I finally got around to revamping the configure/build system for LAM's C++ bindings. Last week, we had to fight (yet again) with the automake timestamp issue in CVS (not even worth describing), so I finally did it. The nightmare of having 2 separate configure/build systems is finally over.

I sucked all the relevant parts of the C++ configure.in into LAM's configure.in (which were remarkably few), modified the relevant parts of the Makefile.am's in the mpi2c++ tree, and tweaked a few portions of the source code itself to integrate it tighter into the LAM source code itself. Done.

Mmmmm.... much better.

Epiphany got their new computer today -- the one that was going to be the server. Since I'm not going to be there to install and configure it, etc., it's just going to be someone's desktop.

Since I'll be gone, they're going to pay an outside firm to do the initial setup, installation, configuration, and integration of the machine into the Epiphany LAN. I feel badly about this, but I just don't have time this week to go do it. :-( (they actually already have 8 prepaid hours with this company that they've never used, so it's not a total loss)

Bummer. :-(

Hopefully, I'll be able to reconfigure it upon my return from military duty and set it up for proper server duty.

Just to make things confusing, it appears that the telephone area code for Sierra Vista, AZ (the town outside Ft. Huachuca) is 520, while the area code for Louisville, KY is 502.

Had my last visit to Bloomies for quite a while on Monday this week. Had a nice lunch and dinner with everyone in the lab; good times and good laughs. Had a nice long chat with Eileen on Tuesday morning before I came back home here to Louisville.

Administratively, things seem to be shaping up at IU and ND as well, so everything should be "ok" on those fronts.

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