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Slinging chocolate-filled pastries

Great quote in response to my last journal entry:

"IMAP, YOUMAP, let's all MAP together!"

ND vs. Pitt -- we looked a lot better. Of course, Pitt is also an unranked opponent, so that may not be saying much. But if nothing else, it gels the team together to form some kind of cohesive playing strategies. I would have liked to see a little more flexibility than just "run the option" 6,000,000 times, though.

But we won, so I can't complain much. Rock on!

We actually had tickets to the game but woke up on Saturday morning and decided that we were too travel-weary to drive up to SBN and back in a weekend for a minor game where the weather had potential to be crappy. So we totally wimped out and watched it in the comfort of our own home. :-)

We rearranged the furniture in our TV room a little yesterday (after much debate). We put the stereo speakers on top of the entertainment center (they sound a lot better up there -- I'm no audiophile, but there's no intermediate furniture blocking the sound and it makes a noticeable difference), and tilted our couch/love seat/coffee table/end table to face the TV more directly. We also put the entertainment center further back against the wall (since the speakers are no longer on the ground -- you kinda have to see it to understand what I'm talking about).

Every once in a while (never paid much attention to figuring out the pattern), my clock is way off. So I just changed my BIOS clock on my latop to GMT; I think there's some Mandrake scripts that periodically sync the software clock against the hardware clock, and it assumes that the hardware clock is GMT.

I had previously set something in linuxconf saying "hardware clock is not GMT", but that didn't seem to help. Changing the hardware clock to GMT seems to help... we'll see.

In mucking with BIOS settings, I somehow disabled my internal ethernet jack. It took me quite a while to figure out that it was just BIOS settings and not linux going whacky. Arrghhh...

I'll probably do a little LAM 6.5.5 porting today, followed by reviving lamtree so that we can have something demo-able by SC2001.

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